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MOTD : Daytime Glam ft. My Fave Lip Combo | Bon Parisien

Hello, friends! How are you?

Here is my version of Daytime Glam featuring my most favourite lip combo at the moment. I have been rocking this lip combo every day for the past two weeks now and I have been getting nothing but praises! 95 more words

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MOTD : Feelin' Blue | Bon Parisien

Hi, everyone! How is it going?

Here’s my new MOTD, where I employ a similar technique that I used when I did my New Year’s Eve tutorial: I apply a pop of colour along the lower lash line and I let that be the focus of the entire look. 146 more words

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Haul / Review + Welcome to the Philippines | Bon Parisien

I am in the Philippines! Holy crap, it’s too surreal! The original plan was to fly / move to Vancouver straight from Paris but since I had a few months off, my mum thought it would be better for me to return to the Philippines and visit my relatives and friends. 254 more words

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I got a package from London! | Bon Parisien

First of all, thank you so so much to Christelle for sending me these items all the way from London!

Secondly, I think it doesn’t need repeating anymore but I will say it again that Sleek eyeshadows are THE BEST DRUGSTORE SHADOWS that I have come across. 81 more words

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(It's my) Birthday Tag! | Bon Parisien (and feliz cumple to CoffeeBreakWithDani!)

Today, I turn… 19! :D

And FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to Dani of CoffeeBreakwithDani !

Another year has gone by, and to be honest, my life just gets more and more exciting and interesting as the years pass by. 145 more words

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November 2014 Favorites | Bon Parisien

OMG. Christmas is upon us! Honestly, the past eleven monthsomonths all seem like a blur to me. Whuuuuuuut!!!

Anyhoo, I am so excited for the holidays and also, my birthday is coming up! 34 more words

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My Most Fave High-End Beauty Products! | Bon Parisien

I thought I would share with you guys the high-end products that I keep going back to whenever I don’t wanna “think” about my makeup, you know? 82 more words

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