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If we were having coffee...

I’ve read lots of posts in the past few months with this prompt, so I thought I would give it a try!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I don’t actually like coffee. 301 more words


Words Of Advice To My Toddler

There are a few things I’d like to tell you Nate.
The world is your oyster and don’t let anything or anybody make you think otherwise. 190 more words

Nat Adventures: Break the Silence (with Randomness)

Hello my lovelies~

As mentioned to my previous post, I’ve been gone to some recuperation of my own as my school is still under strike. It’s been almost a month in since it has happened and most of my classes has resumed (the only thing that has put me from going to school is my damn cold). 399 more words


Scott Weiland: In the absence of a bossa nova-themed outing with former bandmate Robert DeLeo...

(An unpublished preview of Weiland’s Mar 2, 2015 appearance in Nashville:)

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry once said that he could picture Scott Weiland’s former Stone Temple Pilots bandmate Robert DeLeo in another life behind the piano in Harlem’s Cotton Club. 150 more words

12 Bar Blues

lets all have a moment of silence for my sanity

zayn left one direction and i currently am too depressed to move from it. I’m possibly going to burn a house down in protest (not rlly but still).



I’ve been bit by the writing bug! Finally! I’ve been waiting for it!

I had this genius idea on New Years Eve (it’s been a long time sorry), that I’d start a board on Pinterest called… 222 more words