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Training Diary: The Dubliners

Well, the announcement was the easy part, and it’s heartening to see that the responses have been positive. I was afraid that Joyce fans would be angry with the idea of reading… 1,024 more words

James Joyce

On This Day in Joycean History

March 1st, 1914 marks the day in which James Joyce started writing Ulysses. Started is the key word here as the Irish author had other projects to complete in the meantime. 153 more words

Kevin Birmingham to Close Festival Bloomsday Montreal 2015

What does the subject of Kevin Birmingham’s The Most Dangerous Book have in common with the Charlie Hebdo tragedy? Since early January, the murder of the twelve Charlie Hebdo staff sparked debates on the concept of freedom of expression or freedom of speech in art within the news and social media platforms. 517 more words

Ulysses, the First Seven Chapters: Realism and Linguistic Play

What strikes me most about this book so far is how much it seems to push back against certain truisms surrounding the nature of modernism. The late Chris Harman, the author of… 843 more words


Training for the Doomsday Hill

Hitting your stride when running is a wonderful feeling. Reaching that pinnacle where you can just run forever is awesome. I’ve managed to do this on runs that are vast majority on flatter surfaces. 281 more words

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The 'Unfallable Encyclicling' of James Joyce

Written between the years 1914 and 1922, Ulysses is an encyclopaedia stored up against the possible destruction of Western civilisation by world war. It is designed, as Joyce explained, to contain “a picture” of Dublin so complete that if the city one day suddenly disappeared from the earth it could be reconstructed out of my book…

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