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“I was a late bloomer. But anyone who blooms at all, ever, is very lucky.”

-Sharon Olds


You can survive without this.

Its been 59 days since I left him. 1,416 hours, 84,960 minutes since I decided to actually drive away. I packed all of my belongings slowly and carefully. 988 more words

Today I went to the outside world.

Everything was new and old at the same time, I walked through the streets like a fish. So many souls, eyes, people, shoes, bags, places, dirt, sounds, voices, so many stuff, so much information for this brain, people walking, chatting, working, people here, people there, people everywhere, I was overwhelmed on how many people we can see in a single day. 1,151 more words


What Is Blooming Now?

Lenten Roses and Snowdrops


and more Camellias


Hello world, blooming, flowers and pictures

Hello beautiful people how are you ? I’m find thank you.

Today I’m a beautiful flower who spends her time blogging and almost doing nothing, just existing, well I’m doing things after all, not conventional stuff like working on a shitty job or something like that, I’m actually doing stuff like figuring out my life, breathing, (I think I breath everyday), looking at the stars, working on Dino Dino project… 113 more words




It’s funny how 9 letters can have such an impact in our life’s. Quoting Wikipedia this is the first sentence you get : ” Happiness is a mental or emotional state of… 544 more words


One for the day...


Wrapped in the scent
of an isolated flower,
to-ing and fro-ing
here and there,
I am alone
but never lonely.