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Humanities Graduate Day 369

They wouldn’t even let me ride in the ambulance. They said I had too much blood soaking my shirt. “Just go home, and change.” I had a feeling she wasn’t talking about my clothes. 28 more words

Humanities Graduate Journal

Humanities Graduate Day 368

I didn’t have the heart to tell him they wouldn’t be able to reattach it. There was nothing left to be attached, but I just kept telling him, “it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay.” Really, they do wonders with prosthetics and plastic surgery these days, but this would be like sewing two squids together at the tentacles. 26 more words

Humanities Graduate Journal

Opening Scene

After re-evaluating my story board, I came to the conclusion that my animation needs to be simplified in order to attract the audiences attention. So it is now all taking place in a public toilet! 70 more words

First sigil - protective

For my first experiments in chaos magick (basically an eclectic approach to occultism that takes bits and pieces from many different approaches and belief systems), I decided to start simple and try my hand at sigil craft. 280 more words


Blood and Belief

Belief without blood only takes us so far. Blood must flow.”
American Gods (2001)

Technological Progress

It would appear that technological progress is a thing that happens in this particular fantasy world. It started innocently enough with cannons, trains and telegrams and now it appears to be moving into more questionable areas. 446 more words


Connecting tweeps for quicker blood matches http://www.bloodlka.com

‘A place to connect with strangers’, that would be my immediate reply if someone asked me to describe Twitter in 6 words. Most of us reading this blog would more or less have clicked on a link on twitter, so the audience is right, please do keep reading, it will get a bit more interesting, I hope. 1,008 more words

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