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Mr. Brown Pants (Part 1)

The loud bang is what got my attention
I knew my dad was home, so I wasn’t that nervous, I just thought he might’ve dropped something. 491 more words


Waiting for the Darkness

The ticking tock of a clock
Silently clicking and clacking
As light begins to fade
A melancholy parade
Passing by in front of eyes… 126 more words


Dying (Triggering)

My skin throbs with veins itching to spill blood, cells ready to be freed from their mortal coil. When I close my eyes, begging for sleep’s merciful embrace, I see surges of red coursing through the thin membrane of my lids.  654 more words


The Food Court

By the time he’d seen them, he knew what their immediate future held. He hated them without even knowing them. They were a family, that was bad enough, but this particular family just happened to be less visually appealing than most. 783 more words


A Shadowed Man

A terrified screech shattered the eerie quiet night as a young woman stumbled out of the forest, her white dress ripped and torn, blood dotting the sleeves and a bloody piece of her dress tied around her right forearm.  869 more words


Bad day at the aluminum can

Tried to work on yurt too windy to hold boards. Tried to do weed wacking broke weedwacker. Started gardening and got stabbed in the head with a yucca blood all over my face. 17 more words