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Afterthought 143—Blood Relative

Connected through an unending flow
    where all bodies meet,
the word we bleed is the life we know
        by our heart's steady beat. 

We'll weave thick sweet magic where
    open veins overlap,
carving a path through skin we share
        drawn on an ancient map. 59 more words
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Live Blood Analysis Update

I was nervous and excited about my second Live Blood Analysis because I wasn’t sure what today’s findings would be. Would fasting this time around make enough of a difference? 205 more words


Abandoned #8

This was back when Jüri and I were tripping around Estonia with his motorbike. We had a stop at Põltsamaa to visit these awesome places. Check out the piczzzzzz ;) 32 more words


Health Update - 3

Sooo…a few weeks ago I got my blood test results back.

I posted it on Facebook, but forgot to post an update here.
Apparently, everything in my blood looks ok. 60 more words


Another five-star review for The Roots of Evil

Hammer-Horror fest awaits……

The result of a fertile imagination and a very slightly twisted sense of the macabre, this is an enjoyable romp through a “Hammer-Horror” fest for the noughties……a novel that’s easy to pick up and get straight to the very heart of the story. 55 more words

Success Story


She was older than old, ages of years – without any wrinkle. Her voice was her envy and it was loud: day in and day out and through every night without an exception. 272 more words

Scarlet Rouge

She bits her lips till they bleed
She loves the blood
When she draws it into her needle
The way it drips from her cuts… 11 more words