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This morning, I woke slightly earlier than normal, but I didn’t mind. Not too badly.

Because I was going to get free pancakes.

So I pop out of bed, start getting ready and I’m not sure what drew my attention, but suddenly, I realize: there is a three inch roach on my ceiling. 188 more words

About Donor's Band

We are happy to present Donor’s Band! This is a first render of what DB should be. It has tree main parts:

Visit From The Demoness

It feels like there is a jackhammer inside my head that just won’t turn off. The plethora of thoughts continue to attack me like a swarm of bees as I stare at the inside of my refrigerator. 359 more words

Creative Writing

Aubrey Plaza gives the best gifts; even if it is her blood and hair?

If you thought Aubrey Plaza was weird on Parks and Recreation just wait until you see what she gave as a gift.


"Hold Still"

“Hold still, would you?”

“This really isn’t necessary- I can bandage my own wounds.”

“Sure you can, sweetie, which is why you walked into the conservatory bleeding like a stuck pig.” 125 more words