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No Blues for Blueberries

Nutrients improve heart health, blood pressure and immunity in these studies, according to this article from Natural Insights for Well Being.

Omega-3s reduce CVD

Although the government recommends taking omega-3s, most research on its health benefits has relied on self-reports of diet by people from similar ethnic backgrounds. 302 more words

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7 Myths on Sodium Consumption Busted - American Heart Association

The American Heart Association recommends we limit our sodium consumption to 1500 mg per day, but that doesn’t mean we have to eliminate salt from our diet. 35 more words

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Simplified

The top number in a blood pressure reading is called SYSTOLIC (SIS –TALL- LICK). Systolic represents the force at which your heart needs to push blood… 97 more words

Self dialysis

Hello, dear beautiful you!

Dialysis went partially good today. Started with hypertension and having to draw  one and a half liters of fluid, which should be easy. 326 more words


Vegetables that lower blood pressure

To maintain your health, normally referred to as “Wellness” – you should eat a balanced diet, exercise, and manage any health issues that you are aware of! 28 more words


A novel key to iron metabolism in obese pregnancies - pTFR1

Obesity marks its profound effects on pregnant women, one of it being a direct link between obesity and ID (iron deficiency) and not many well structured cohort studies with respect to the same. 342 more words



(The first portable Suction Machine I was attached too….)

Day four in The Royal London, Whitechapel.

Day one in Ward 13F, room 3.

It’s a less cheerful cry of ‘Blood Pressure’ that awakes me at 5:45am, as the new nursing assistant attaches the pressure cuff to my right arm. 1,519 more words

Intercostal Chest Drain