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Barry, Dave Diehl, and my being FINE with waiting / How 90s are You?

I called Barry at noon to set up a food shopping appointment for next week. He’ll be away for the next three weeks, and I found out at 2 that Dave Diehl will take me on Wednesday afternoon instead. 88 more words


Reviving GJ RQ 2! / MAD MEN Character / MAD MEN Name

I revived GJ_RQ2 today, and spent a lot of unfettered free time working on tags, backdating entries, and such!

You Are Roger

You are brilliant, sarcastic, and extremely honest. 66 more words


The Red Velvet Test

The Red Velvet Test

You Are Accepting

You are a dreamer, but your dreams are just for your entertainment. Your expectations about the world are blissfully low. 90 more words


What's Your Time of Day and Year?

What’s Your Time of Day and Year?

You Are a Spring Morning

You are optimistic and patient. You know your time will come, and you’re willing to wait for it. 86 more words


Are You a Taco, Burrito, or Tostada? / Ribeye Steak at Jack Daniels Grill

Hey, it’s a quiz for Cinco de Mayo! (or Taco Tuesday, haha)

You Are a Burrito

You are as mild as can be, and you’re not one to make waves. 104 more words


What's Your Theatre Personality? / King Crab Stuffed Mushrooms!

Theatre personality!

Your Theatre Type is Intellectual

More than anything else, you like theatre that tells a good story – one with great writing, an engaging plot, and well-developed characters. 99 more words


No more GJ RQ 2! / What Kind of Font Are You?

I deleted the GJ RQ 2 community last night.

You Are a Sans-Serif Font

You are a very minimalist sort of person. You don’t like a lot of junk or clutter in your life. 63 more words