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What NOTTING HILL Character Are You? / What's Your Surfer Name?

NOTTING HILL character and my surfer name!

You Are William

You are a genuinely nice person and a true romantic. You prioritize relationships, and you are very compassionate. 55 more words


No organic beef lasagna! / Made-Up Frappuccino / Sam Adams spectrum

I didn’t go to Harmony’s birthday dinner with homemade organic beef lasagna, smoked salmon, cheese, mango pudding, salad, birthday cake, and coconut gel / mixed fruit dessert. 54 more words


Shiny new debit card?! / Traveling the world / Punk, pony, and saint names

I got a shiny new banking debit card from Surrey in today’s mail. It has an embedded chip, so I guess I should go activate that soon. 143 more words


Vanessa, Robin, Lena, Mike, and Krista / How Curly Should Your Hair Be?

Last night, Vanessa sent me a Facebook message to wonder if I’d heard from Krista in the past two weeks. Nope, and she was supposed to be back sometime this March, so time is running out. 131 more words


Janina and picture locations / What CAN'T HARDLY WAIT Character Are You?

Janina sent me various Facebook messages about my putting locations on her contributions to the Random Pictures album. Hey, I’m OCDL and want every picture to have one! 115 more words


4-1 win over the Leafs! / My favorite Girl Scout cookie / Mutton korma curry

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