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4-1 win in Game 2! / What SENSE AND SENSIBILITY Character Are You?

Vancouver and Calgary had PLAYOFF GAME #2 tonight at 7, and the Canucks won 4-1. There were a lot of fights, which was entertaining!

You Are Elinor… 51 more words


The Mexico Test

The Mexico Test!

You Are Sociable

You consider yourself a friendly person, and having good relationships is a priority to you.
You are always looking to improve your life in little ways, and you love to share these victories with your friends and family. 49 more words


How Well-Read Are You? / Semaj and Rayshawn

You Are 58% Well Read

You are an incredibly well-read person, and it shows. You know a lot about this world.
You love to read, and you’re always in the middle of at least one book. 49 more words


The Chinese Takeout Test / Alton Brown's broccoli casserole

Chinese takeout!

You Are Quiet

You are the contemplative type. It’s partially that you enjoy thinking, but it’s also that you get overwhelmed easily.
You prefer to take life one step at a time and one thing at a time. 81 more words


Match.com, Eric Ho hangouts, 5-4 loss, lip color, sleeping dragon, Juju

I decided to try Match.com as well. Eric Ho emailed me at 11:35 to say that we could hang out on Monday for the Kings game or Thursday for the Arizona game – let’s do one or both! 194 more words