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Ceramics: Not Just For Dolls


When thinking of ceramics, one might initially think of dolls and collectible plates, but ceramics have a use beyond decorative knickknacks. Ceramics play a vital role in the fields of the automotive industry to the movie industry. 523 more words


L.A. Police Fatally Shoot Homeless Man - But Was It Justified?

He was 25 years old. He was Black. He was homeless, unarmed, mentally ill, lying on the ground and he was still shot to death five times by three Los Angeles police officers on Skid Row Sunday. 681 more words


The Fifth one Who Stayed Out

The smallest and most vulnerable

Yet tortured for the sake of fashion

On it you inflict wounds, incurable

I wish you knew, it could change your destination… 46 more words


Foster as ... "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014)

Alright, before we get started I have a verse I’d like to share:

A top Zubrowka stood a Grand hotel, with crossed key insignias full of wealthy blondes- mostly old and frail. 291 more words


Nearly a milestone

There’s not much going on lately on the home front. I have been kept busy at work and have even had to turn down work because of the amount I have been getting. 543 more words


Daily Talker: Steeper Shoveling Fines

In the midst of a historic winter in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh is looking to crack down on people who are shoveling snow onto streets and those who fail to shovel sidewalks. 135 more words


Daily positive day 1

So I’ve really missed my Fab Feb. So I’m going to do my daily positives. Open ended so no pressure.

My positive today I made it to an important meeting, without losing it and having a panic attack like the last time. 8 more words