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Monday Intentions

I should have known that it was going to be a new moon this weekend. It was one of those times where nothing seems to go as planned, it was supposed to, or go the way it was planned. 451 more words


Doing for YOU!

A recent conversation with my female co-workers moved to the topic of what we do to care for ourselves.  One co-worker was preparing to get her first bikini wax for her new husband.   482 more words


We Love Books

They grow up but with any luck, the love of books remains.

But it’s not just luck. If you joyfully read to your kids from infancy, if they have readers as role models, then reading is a positive part of life. 223 more words


Guest Post: Mary of Outmanned Mommy, on her Uterus

The meager comedy club that is Coach Daddy will host a big-time name today.

Mary Widdicks of Outmanned Mommy is in the CD hiz-ouse. She’s big-time. 1,276 more words

Coach Daddy

My Style: Trim Nails as a Show of Strength

I was a nail biter.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, with trim, tidy nails in a usually understated color. But I was a skittish, nailbiting kid who kept up the habit through adulthood. 285 more words


Evening Energy

Ahh, the end of a long day, feet up catching the early evening breeze while I sip a coffee. Just enough energy to get through the evening.


BlogHer Mania and Some Thoughts on Selfies

Happy May everybody! I’m going to attempt to post daily for BlogHer’s “NaBloPoMo” (I think it’s National Blog Post Month or something like that) since their theme this month is photo. 146 more words