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Today I’ve come to a roadblock. My creativity seems to have just shut down. The ideas feel like they are just on the other side of that barrier that’s blocking me from getting to them. 450 more words


My 100th Post

I’m reliably informed by WordPress that this is my 100th post (well, I was reliably informed that the last was my 99th) and, 100 posts in, I finally know what this blog is about. 225 more words


New journey

Hi! I’m Nádia. And for the last two/three years I’ve been experimenting with blogging and blogging platforms.

I’m fascinated by the openness and reach of the Web and I’ve been wanting to be part of it. 240 more words


9 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Traffic


Why do some bloggers have posts that go viral and others don’t?

Why is it that you don’t?

One blogger who has experienced mind-blowing success offered to explain how he was able to achieve 40,000 traffic referrals just within the last year, and just from one source–StumbleUpon. 978 more words


The Mighty Sandow: How the world's strongest man wowed Australian audiences in 1902

ABC reported this fascinating story about one of the earlier body builders of our time. I was particularly interested in the long strong arm because my own is not working very well at the moment, especially with ‘writers’ elbow’. 168 more words


I am closing down this blog...

No, I haven’t abandoned you, my dear readers! I continue to publish posts on my other blog site here:


For a while, I experimented with publishing on this blog site here, using it as a “mirror” blog for those who don’t like Google and don’t wish to post comments there. 74 more words


7 ways to improve your website ranking on Google

Ah Google. The holy grail for the online search and, unless fact, added to the english dictionary on 15th June, 2006.

If you’re anything like me, flicking through to page 2 of a Google search just doesn’t happen. 301 more words