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The Furry Friend Tag! |Maymaysparkle đź’™

Hi everyone! So I was watching Youtube today and I came across the furry friend tag! It looked really cute, so I decided to do it! 393 more words


Fennel Tea

Ok, as a positive offset to my last post, something different and delightful. Fennel is native to Europe and the Mediterranean but has been naturalized to the United States. 83 more words


OWPC - Cold

This week’s OWPC is Cold. Jennifer Nichole Wells asks us to show images of what we feel depicts a certain kind of weather, or what we do in that weather, or what that word means to us. 155 more words


Love Is Just A Feeling

I remember that day
I drew you a picture
Showing you how I feel
With a red big heart
and those 3 little words

You took the drawing… 73 more words



Yoga is a great way to find hot girls or help your mind and body,which do you choose?

Jixi Fox


“Rival Many, Praise Few” 22 more words


Just a little reminder…


Yep the end of the semester is nearly here woohoo!! I will be able to get back to life for a month in between semesters.   221 more words


Tabletop MMO Board Game Players

This one is a bit of a rant, and a reminder to myself to stay away from clickbait Reddit self-posts in /r/DnD.

I can hardly believe, or rather for years have been actively conditioning myself to ignore, that people truly treat D&D like it’s some sort of content that needs to be ravaged and handed a dirty sock once they’ve finished. 619 more words