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As We Celebrate The Fourth Of July, We Need To Pledge To Do More For Our Veterans

This weekend, we celebrate the 4th of July holiday.  As for myself, I am back in Chicago celebrating my mother’s 90th birthday as well.  Everyone is looking forward to the bar-b-que and spending time with family and friends.  466 more words


Lady in Red

We are back to cardinal rules of an old school diplomat.

When my Father began to invite me downstairs for their receptions, I stood beside my Father like glue, he would give me a quick rundown of each person who came through the doors. 520 more words


Supreme Court Ruling On Independent Commission Redistricting Is a Start But Not Whole Answer

The Supreme Court ruled that the independent redistricting commission in Arizona was legal.  The legislature, led by Republicans challenged it because they felt that it took away too many “safe districts” to “toss-up.”  They claimed that it was only the legislature’s responsibility to draw up redistricting. 413 more words


The New War Against The Middle-Class Is About To Unfold With Overtime Rule Change Proposal.

In the last week the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act, Same-sex marriage, and Independent Redistricting Committees in states like Arizona.  903 more words


Bali, Indonesia and Culture

Bali is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

My family immigrated from Indonesia when my parents were small-mother’s family is from Jakarta, and daddy’s is from Surabaya.   298 more words


spidey-senses, 29th June 2015

good morning all and welcome to my daily blog… for those new to it, hearty greetings and for those who have been here before, welcome back!…… sometimes I think of what to write and then when I start decide to write something completely different and as such I now have a traffic jam of blogs queuing up in my brain all scrabbling for a bid for freedom… which is released into the wild would be chaos on a scale not seen since ‘The Great Jam Doughnut Disagreement’ … 251 more words


An Open Letter To John Boehner And Mitch McConnell: Tell Us What Is Your Big Health Care Plan!

Everyone who cares about the Affordable Care Act, and those who desperately oppose it were all waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling in King v. Burwell.  932 more words