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Why Is There Never Criminal Prosecution When Banks And Financial Businesses Rip-Off Their Customers?

This has been going on seemingly forever.  Banks and other “financial” businesses seem to keep getting away with criminal behavior, because the Federal Government does nothing about it.  482 more words


Great photo work!

I’m always happy to find great creative work on the mighty web.

In this collection of images by the photographer and animator ErAn Croitoru, inanimate objects come to life. 14 more words


Daily Quote

“Most people have never learned that one of the main aims in life is to enjoy it.”


Hasta luego aka My last day at work

Welp, here it is. After 8 months of working at a local travel agency in Quito, today is my last day.

At first, I thought this post would be a super easy one to write: PEACE OUT OFFICE LIFE! 1,093 more words


If You Want To See How To Start A Fascist State Just Look At What Is Happening In Wisconsin

We have heard all the comparisons that the Republican Party led by their radical Tea Party Movement make about the President being similar to Hitler.  They are usually written off as lunatics, which they are.  964 more words


Blogging conundrum.

I have noticed a trend in relation to my posts. The more personal my posts are the more activity in terms of views and visits I experience. 131 more words


Corporate Welfare Spigot About To Be Opened Further While You Pay Your Taxes

We all like the word compromise when it comes to legislation.  Anytime a bill is introduced, the member sponsoring the bill loves to talk about how this bill has bipartisan support.  659 more words