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Latifa Ibn Ziaten, a modern-day saint.

(Descendez pour la traduction en Français.)

I saw an interesting news report on the France 2 TV channel on Monday evening, “The Message of Peace of the Mother of a Terrorist Victim.”  1,091 more words


Week 182 - Monthiversaries

This week’s post isn’t about writing. I thought I’d better tell you that straight away so you could decide to move on to something more useful if you like. 325 more words

Staying the Course

I have built a fence of gold for righteousness, and given it a gate of silver for judgment.

Passing through it judges the heart and mind to do what is right. 85 more words


Week 180 - Musical Interlude, revisited

It’s the end of a really long week, where I have been variously dancing, acting, working, and ill.  I have written, a little; I studied, a little; I spent time reading newspapers and researching. 124 more words

Do unto others...

(Descendez pour la traduction en Français.) Luke 6:31 records Jesus saying, “Do to others as you would have them do to you,” a simple but powerful idea which seems to be forgotten in today’s hectic world of instant gratification. 2,289 more words


Writer's Quote Wednesday: "Everything Is Beautiful"

These words are from the lyrics of “Everything Is Beautiful,” written and performed by American singer/songwriter Ray Stevens.  The song became a hit in 1970 and won two Grammy Awards in 1971.   36 more words