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Week 188 - A bit of both...

This week I’ve split my writing between poetry and prose again.

In the prose corner, it’s all been about whodunnit. I’ve been gaily writing away and building up the story; although I said at the start it would be a short story (I thought about 20,000 words) I think it is drifting towards novella lengths and when completed it’ll be about 50,000. 408 more words

Latifa Ibn Ziaten, a modern-day saint.

(Descendez pour la traduction en Français.)

I saw an interesting news report on the France 2 TV channel on Monday evening, “The Message of Peace of the Mother of a Terrorist Victim.”  1,091 more words


Week 182 - Monthiversaries

This week’s post isn’t about writing. I thought I’d better tell you that straight away so you could decide to move on to something more useful if you like. 325 more words

Staying the Course

I have built a fence of gold for righteousness, and given it a gate of silver for judgment.

Passing through it judges the heart and mind to do what is right. 85 more words


Week 180 - Musical Interlude, revisited

It’s the end of a really long week, where I have been variously dancing, acting, working, and ill.  I have written, a little; I studied, a little; I spent time reading newspapers and researching. 124 more words

Do unto others...

(Descendez pour la traduction en Français.) Luke 6:31 records Jesus saying, “Do to others as you would have them do to you,” a simple but powerful idea which seems to be forgotten in today’s hectic world of instant gratification. 2,289 more words


Writer's Quote Wednesday: "Everything Is Beautiful"

These words are from the lyrics of “Everything Is Beautiful,” written and performed by American singer/songwriter Ray Stevens.  The song became a hit in 1970 and won two Grammy Awards in 1971.   36 more words