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Overflowing Peace

Peace… where does peace come from? Where does inner peace come from? She asked again slowly shaking her head and turning pale. “I have lived for a long time and not experienced peace – the blame in my own family, the betrayal from my friends and the injustice in my own motherland have taken away what I thought was peace.” 372 more words


Love Conquers All - The Loving Couple

In April 2014, I posted the following story about the Loving couple who waited over a decade for a court decision making their marriage legal in the State of Virgina. 1,015 more words


Week 192 - The World...

…Is a messed-up place.

I’ve said before that I feel an urge to write something more political, to use my sense of impotent dismay and channel it in some way. 295 more words

Corrie ten Boom, I Remember You...

Today is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we commemorate the victims of the Nazi Holocaust (including members of my husband’s extended family).  And for the first time in several years, I have been reminded of my childhood meeting with Corrie ten Boom, the famous Dutch Christian who along with other members of her family saved many Dutch Jews from extermination. 434 more words

Eclectic Musings

A two-day war: review of The Burning of the World

The Burning of the World is a recently-published memoir of World War I, written by a Hungarian who served in its first few weeks (although he was at the front for only two days). 381 more words

Week 188 - A bit of both...

This week I’ve split my writing between poetry and prose again.

In the prose corner, it’s all been about whodunnit. I’ve been gaily writing away and building up the story; although I said at the start it would be a short story (I thought about 20,000 words) I think it is drifting towards novella lengths and when completed it’ll be about 50,000. 408 more words