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So I got glasses...

Last week I had my eyes tested, like I normally do every 2 years.

Turns out, I am as blind as a bat…jokes, but really the woman said I had to get a really strong prescription which made me so shocked. 109 more words


"Are You Sponsored?", Just A Thought

It’s alarming how the society has come to accept ‘sponsors’ as something normal. Not that being a sponsor is a bad thing, actually it is, but your life your choices. 203 more words

Change of URL, same blog!

Just a quick note!

I changed my URL because it didn’t match my tagline or what I like to refer to myself as (My Life in Words) and I have a feeling that some of you are still being directed to my old site. 47 more words


மக்கள் காளிக்கு பயந்தது .................. ஒரு காலத்தில்

மக்கள் காளிக்கு பயந்தது ……………… ஒரு காலத்தில்

3-Day Quote Challenge Part 3

Today is my final post in the challenge so I hope you’ve enjoyed the quotes I’ve used and have perhaps inspired you too. it’s been very interesting for me too see what kind of quotes I like and inspire me the most. 165 more words


The Magnum, Albany Street, Edinburgh.

The Food and Drink

The Magnum’s emphasis on local produce is accompanied with a use of seasonal ingredients, making the menu differ one week from the next. 529 more words



Before you scroll any further, let me just advise you that there is a lot of bum ahead .

Now, you have been pre-warned.

We were lucky enough to get a hold of some tickets for a sumo wrestling tournament being held in Tokyo in January. 338 more words