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Making Glass

The making of glass is a process that I have always enjoyed watching. It is a perfect marriage of process, engineering, manufacturing and art. I love moving parts, I love seeing machines that make things and love thinking about the engineering, logic, software and hardware that makes these factories go. 954 more words

Last Word

Passion(s) -day 2

I call myself a woman of many passions… ;)

Somehow I am constructed the way,
that whatever I start doing, writing, photograpyhy, running, crochetting, knitting, cooking, baking – etc, etc – it becomes my passion… 102 more words


just sayin'

very quickly, as for some reason I STILL did not have my first (!) cup of coffee today (and that should be considered a crime!!!) – now that I think I can say it out loud  – spring is here!   110 more words


Z is Zeal

So today is the final day of the Blogging A to Z challenge.  I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this challenge.  When I see or hear the letter Z, only one word comes to mind.   214 more words


Y is for Yesterday and Young People

So here is a post for the Blogging A to Z challenge.  I am a day late posting this.  But for me Y reminds me of yesterday and Young people. 155 more words


Z - is for the whole bunch of things..

So that’s it? The last letter?

And now what?


To the point though.

Or points rather.

“Z” being the last letter in English alphabet, can mean the end. 196 more words


The Wings...

Soft, gentle breeze touches my cheeks as I stop to take a short break. Taking the shoes off lets my bare feet feel the softness of the spring grass, blades rushing to be first to see the sun and feel its warmth. 410 more words