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O - is for Opportunity (or: Deadly Veggies - part two ;) )

/part one HERE/

I was trying to take Thumper’s harness off, but it proved to be close to impossible with my hands shaking like I’ve been drinking heavily all day long. 1,264 more words


N - is for finding a Narrator - guest post & giveaway by author Barbara Venkataraman :)

Audiobooks ‘R’ Us!

Making an audiobook with a narrator is like marrying a total stranger and hoping it all works out. As in a marriage, the participants start out starry-eyed, but soon discover each other’s idiosyncrasies and quirks, realizing with a sense of dread that they are now stuck with each other–at least until the project is finished. 1,021 more words


The Big O and I

The Big O. It’s probably the most used and most misunderstood term. It’s not just misunderstood, it is one of the leading causes of misunderstandings. At the very outset, I must confess that I have so far failed to come to fully comprehend the nuances of the O and it’s usage. 494 more words

Last Word

M - is for Mystery, of course!!!

/Or my attempt at it anyways. First in my life, so please be Merciful – oh, yet another M-word ;) /

“Thumper! C’mon big boy! Stop stomping those big feet of yours, what are you afraid of? 976 more words


L - is for "Leaving Time"...

*********************************** possible unintentional spoilers!!!!***********************************

I did not think I had it in me… but I just finished reading this book and I felt like I’d burst if I do not write about it! 426 more words


Blogging A to Z - L is for Language Arts, Literature, Laughter, Listening and Looking.

The letter for today for the Blogging A to Z challenge is “L”.  For me, “L” brings to mind Language Arts (including Literature), Laughter and Listening. 279 more words


L - is for Lighthouse

I think I was in grade 4 or 5… We had to read a tiny novella titled “The Lighthouse Keeper”. It was a patriotic kind of book, I do not remember much of it, but it was also the book that started my lighthouse fascination… On one of summer camps I spent by the sea, there was an organized trip to the lighthouse, that was the only time I actually climbed up the stairs and was able to see how it works :) 179 more words