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2015 Brisbane Experience!

Hellllo! I am trying to take more videos of my trips, because my mom says pictures are stupid and don’t move (yes…).  Videoing is fun, but I am no pro hence why my shots are pretty crappy.   12 more words



March 4th 2015

Today, on three separate occasions, I forgot what I wanted today’s post to be about. I’d think of something at a really bad time, like when I was taking notes in class, or walking back from Uni in the rain. 278 more words



Realmente no es mi pueblo,  y no es tan poco.

It isn’t really my town and, by New Mexico standards, it isn’t really little.

 7,500 people live here, but since there are towns of four, six and even just two or three hundred and less in this region, it isn’t as small as it would be in other parts of America. 611 more words

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Great photos! I love the mountains in the background of the town! Thanks for taking part in the HR Challenge and for sharing your daily with us! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their post.

What is beautiful about being a tree?

K of Eastern Nebraska asks:

Q. What is the most beautiful part of being a tree?

A. Well, I have trouble thinking as you do and dividing things up into parts. 164 more words


Filipino human rights group brings case of detained Thai poet to UN body

The Manila-based free expression advocacy group Center for International Law asked the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Wednesday to press the Thai Royal Government to free a Thai poet and blogger being tried by a military tribunal for writing articles that allegedly insulted King Bhumibol Aduljadej. 723 more words

International Law

Lessons in Lending ($85,686.42)

Just a reminder, when I consolidated the majority of my loans the standard repayment plan was going to be 30 years (360 payments) and the interest that was going to accrue over that 30 years would be… 631 more words



So my goal this March is to journal every day. I have several ways to do this and my plan is to do at least one a day. 44 more words