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Sunday Drive: Are you in the arena?

Photo Credit: Allard Schager via Compfight cc

The arena isn’t the most pleasant place to be.

How much easier to sit on the sidelines, jeering or cheering, than to do the hard thing…to put yourself in the path of charging men or lions. 189 more words


Sunday Drive: Small work in the great work

I think a lot about purpose. If in life, then in work, since much of my day is spent in it.

But what if our day jobs, our small businesses or big businesses, don’t at first glance appear obviously “purposeful”? 189 more words


Sunday Drive: Recharged for Monday

My daughter and I have been sharing the Mac charger since the other one had a run-in with the vacuum cleaner.

Knowing I was running low on battery life, she left the charger on my desk with this note. 58 more words


Sunday Drive: Stalking your calling

I used to think a “calling” was a thing to be grasped, like a gold coin or a perfect job…

or a goal to be reached, like climbing a mountain or building a business. 58 more words


Sunday Drive: Are you carrots, eggs or coffee?

I LOVE this parable our pastor shared last night, and I thought about how much it applies, not just to life, but to the challenges of running a small business. 572 more words


Sunday Drive: The best capital for founding a business

I’ve witnessed some wonderful small businesses fail. Or what we might define as failure.

Our favorite coffeehouse closed after the end of its first year, well  115 more words


Sunday Drive: Painting the voices into a corner

Each Sunday I take a break from marketing to share something inspiring. Pass it on… 

I’m not sure why my father started to paint. He just decided to capture that sunset and sat down at an easel.  70 more words