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Top Ten Tuesday!

Today’s topic over at The Broke and the Bookish is Ten Hyped Books They Have Never Read and I did have plans to do the same topic when I started working on this post yesterday.   184 more words

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GAIN Critical Conversation

Carl Raschke interviewed me for the Global Arts and Ideas Network’s Critical Conversations, about some of my church practice and my forthcoming book, The World is Crucifixion… 18 more words

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Rare and Unique Video Game Consoles

Rexis here!

So the internet almost broke this week when someone found a Super Nintendo- PlayStation prototype in a box in his attic. This is an epic find to say the least. 560 more words


A Hunt for the Right Skin Regiment

I have always had super fair, super sensitive skin. The struggle is real. Along with that comes some redness in my cheeks and giant pores. I have been relying on makeup to cover things but recently decided..well what if my skin was amazing BEFORE I put on my makeup (revolutionary idea right? 234 more words

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Today in lunch

So I’m really confused about this… and I’m honestly not sure about it.

A few days ago, Erika announced she couldn’t eat her granola bar because it had nuts in it. 83 more words

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The Dreaded Bootcamp

This past week I had to jump headfirst into a design bootcamp. I watched over a million hours of videos about photoshop and indesign and followed along as I learned new tricks. 146 more words


Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing: Considering the Benefits and Limitations of Genetic Testing in your Personal Health Care Routine

If someone told you that you could learn about your chances to developing certain diseases, like cancer or Alzheimer’s – would you? As a result of advances in scientific technology, private companies are now offering genetic testing kits to consumers that provide insight into their own genetic make-up. 783 more words

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