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One Hundred Years Of . . Books? 

The A – Z of my bookshelf. ( it is not going to be in alphabetical order, just to clear things up. I mean, come on, I don’t have that much extra time on my hands. 343 more words

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Zone 8

Web of lies

This is important as you keep depression as a secret as it’s a taboo subject and I was embarrassed and was in denial. 65 more words

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Zone 7

Zone sevens floor is a clock face as is zone one. Time is important as time passes so fast. Four months off my life was taken from me due to this illness. 33 more words

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Zone 5

This zone is about the mid stage of depression the darkest and twisted days. Unwanted thoughts poisoning my mind. The devil was succeeding.

This zone is representing my bedroom and how I couldn’t even get out of bed and this was how bad my depression got. 156 more words

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Detention Justice Forum Annual General Meeting 2015: Forging synergies for human rights and dignity


26 February 2015

Human rights groups and organisations affirmed their commitment to advocating for human rights and constitutional compliance within the criminal justice sector in South Africa. 646 more words

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Social media’s is a big part of any teenager’s life, right? So;

Instagram: FairytaleFractals

Wattpad: FairytaleFractals ( I’m a bit repetitive, as you can see )

Tumblr: rotbftd-should-be-a-movie

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