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Are We Digging Deep Enough?

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What happens when our Bible study gathers? Is there a concerted effort to learn and understand the real meaning of verses and passages? 385 more words


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Very intriguing article to read! 😊👍

Giving Yourself Incentives

A lot of times, when I am trying to reach an end goal, I try to give myself incentives to finish the job.

If I work out, I’ll let myself have one piece of chocolate. 439 more words

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Influx In Website Followers

Recently I had an influx of readership and about 10% of followers from the increased readership. So I thought it would be appropriate to share a little what the website is about and little about me. 721 more words


Luke 12:24

Until next time may you have a blessed day and may your life be glorious unto God. I encourage you to respond with your thoughts as well share with others if you felt moved or encouraged by this post. 38 more words


{HERO} you keep using that word but I do not think it means what YOU think it means...

I’m going there…

Let me just start by saying #sorrynotsorry.

So, I woke up to about a bazillion (no really, A TON) of posts hailing Bruce Jenner a “hero”. 790 more words


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Very interesting read the author of the site, shares a compelling point of vuew how Bruce Jenner is not really a hero, by whom the world sees him as. I happen to agree with the author of the site and that is part of the reason of the re-blog please it's a worthy read to check out!!!

Come Sail Away

Last week was a test of our patience, and we were forced to start living island time. We traveled here thinking we’d get underway immediately. However, that wasn’t quite the case. 464 more words

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The unexpected adventure

A couple of days ago, I was walking home from work with my sister. We were talking about something, maybe dinner, maybe how cute her son is, and the next thing I know, I don’t know the next thing. 456 more words

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