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A Teeth Whitening Adventure

I like coffee. I like red wine. I like all things that are bad for the color of my teeth.

Recently I’ve noticed in some photos that my teeth are a few shades yellow-er than I would prefer. 545 more words

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An introduction and 25 facts about me

Hello! I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because I don’t want to bore you before we even get started. Hi, I’m Rebecca. You might have come here from my… 554 more words

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Of Mice and Men: Why Are Animals Used in Cancer Research?

Do animals really need to be used in science experiments? Do laboratory animals suffer? Are there any alternatives? These are common questions my friends and family ask me when I talk about animal research, so I thought I would try to answer them here: 660 more words

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Working Out a Way to Improve Brains: Exercise Could Prevent Brain Impairment in Children who Undergo Radiation Treatment for Cancer

Over the past 30 years, forward bounds in science and medicine have led to the recovery of an increasingly large number of people diagnosed with cancer, including children. 349 more words

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Introduction in to blogging


My name is Willem-Merwe Joubert,  but I’m sure you already saw that on the front page.  I am currently 19 years old and live in Cape Town / South Africa, and this.. 111 more words

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Busby's NCBD for May 20th, 2015

The NCBD for this week was a bag of mixed emotions for me. Issues of new books dropped, and the last issue of a favorite book of mine dropped, too. 946 more words

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You Think You Know

My husband shared this with me and I could not stop thinking about it.

It is interesting at face value but on a deeper level it is everything. 483 more words

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