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Two Deities

Hopefully you guys will find these super cool. I’ve been in the process of redesigning the deities for a long time and seem to have really found something. 399 more words

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Image Journal 2-28-15

  1. Woman in the driver’s seat of a silver Jaguar, oxygen tube in her nose, smoking at a stop light
  2. Snowflakes big as cornflakes
  3. Woman wearing a three-foot-long lime green backpack over a black, tan, and cream colored plaid coat, grey pants, and brown ankle-boots; she is leaning, almost lunging, into the traffic, from her street corner…
  4. 175 more words
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Guess who? - Kids Logic Part 9

We were at that painful stage, last week, of paying for our new bed.
Lil Man rushes up to me.

LM: Mum! I NEED your phone! 53 more words


My poser!

Posing… By pink again!

He knows…

Such a poser!!! 6 more words


My portrait!

Don’t you just love those drawings children do of you at school? Phonically spelt name n all! Mrs Bhathal became Miz Bato! Oh, and no arms either!! 9 more words


Fat Chat!

Hubby Dearest calls Sonu Singh ‘Fat Chat’… Its been a nickname for ages and today as I went to stop him destroying our loan bed base, I noticed that he is indeed getting g a tad more portly! 9 more words


Feeling small...

We got the loan base for our bed yesterday and had a pretty peaceful sleep, and yes, Stealth Child managed to slide in unnoticed yet again! 39 more words