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4. Nausea

I’ve been around sick people the last two weeks. My partner’s entire house had some kind of bug, I came back from a dance weekend where a good portion of the individuals had caught something awful, and to top it off, my house-mates are sick. 196 more words


3. Damnit Steinbeck

I mosied over to a coffee shop this morning, after nice friend snuggles, and sat down to accomplish some work on my computer. Wifi was down. 295 more words


2. Procrastination is my middle name, and why I love music.

I’m a ridiculous procrastinator. I mean, I just spent the last two hours organizing playlists on spotify. I could have been doing at least ten actually useful productive things, but instead, I didn’t… Music is a massively important part of my life. 216 more words


1. I'm moving, but not yet.

So I’m in love. It’s a weird feeling. Is it odd that my first reaction was to desperately want to move to a different continent?! “Oh, hey yeah so I love you I need to move away now because this terrifies me. 186 more words


New Challenges: The end of Blog Every Day in April

On April 1st of this year, I quite suddenly decided to take on a Blog Every Day challenge. And today, April 30th, I have completed that challenge. 341 more words

Blog Every Day

Small steps

These are the things I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing every day: Exercise, write, learn something new, and work on Food Forests Forever… 158 more words