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What I learned today during my easy one mile warm up…

Running is a Godsend.


#22 Christmas Traditions?

My family was never one for traditions, but we have a few christmas “norms” that we do every year. Not too sure I can call it tradition though. 163 more words

#15 How many bones have you broken?

I’m going to have a super boring answer here and say that I’ve never broken anything before. I was never the extremist child who just HAD TO reach the top of the tree, only to jump down! 44 more words

#7 Bedtime routine

>Mess on the internet until my eyes start to droop
>Use the bathroom
>Pretend I’m a pop sensation in the bathroom mirror for a bit… 82 more words

Thoughts from December

November was a strange month. I finished up NaBloPoMo 2014, and wrote through 21 pages to finish filling up a notebook that I was determined to complete during the month of November. 392 more words


Thankful for: Bread

Yesterday, in a sudden fit of inspiration that can only be brought on by the weekend, I decided to try something new and bake some bread. 1,002 more words


Thankful for: The weekend

These are a few of my favorite things: the smell of fresh laundry, the smell of citrus cleaning products, and sleeping without having to set an alarm. 171 more words

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