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Spring 2015, Blog 7

Like today, Mondays are considered to be working days, therefore cleaning, washing, and other duties left little time to prepare a meal that was time consuming. 104 more words

Blog 7

Week 7: Portraits & Enhancements


This week was fun. I was able to get some nice pictures of my model (aka, my Daughter) throughout the weekend, and I chose from there and edited. 250 more words

W-4 and I-9

1. What is a W-4?

2. How does  a W-4 affect your taxes?

3. Why does an employer have to complete an I-9?


What five technical skills are employers seeking? What five soft skills put you on top?

Before jumping directly into technical skills, let us briefly look at the current climate in the world of Information Technology. The current trend is that more companies are trying to recruit new grads. 481 more words

CS 200W

Blog 7 prompt- Your Dinner with ___________

The prompt for blog 7 is: If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be? and why?

What would you talk to them about? 54 more words

Blog 7- Dinner With Who?

A Christian Dynamic

For the past few classes, we have been talking about art, propaganda, communication, as well as other media forms but a Christian approach is applied. What was most intriguing to myself was the majority of Christian art does not achieve its fullest potential. 279 more words

Blog #7

I cried, "Water!!!"

My friend Charlotte and I went to the UT Baylor game last Saturday. We had a fun time and spent the first half of the game sweating and daring each other to go up and hit on this literally hot guy in front of us. 335 more words

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