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Summer Break Ideas

As a College Student, life can get very overwhelming very fast. Another way to take a good mental brake can include; volunteer, a night out, a hobby, and heck even traveling. 385 more words

Blog #7

Thank You FSU For Restoring My Faith

There aren’t many things that can get me out of bed and on the road at 4am, but road trips to see my best friend are one of them. 973 more words

The Seven Steps in Animating a Scene (as per the illusion of life)

Chapter 9 in “The Illusion of life” focuses on the “procedure” that Walt Disney’s studio went about in creating an animation. While knowing all the nitty gritty details is all well and good, there is one part of this chapter that absolutely stuck out to me. 736 more words

COMM 345

Halley's Comet

Halley’s Comet has long been one of my favorite objects in our solar system because I grew up thinking we shared the same name (it was much later that I found out the spelling is different) so it has always been one of my life goals to see it come by. 205 more words


Spring 2015, Blog 7

Like today, Mondays are considered to be working days, therefore cleaning, washing, and other duties left little time to prepare a meal that was time consuming. 104 more words

Blog 7

Week 7: Portraits & Enhancements


This week was fun. I was able to get some nice pictures of my model (aka, my Daughter) throughout the weekend, and I chose from there and edited. 250 more words

W-4 and I-9

1. What is a W-4?

2. How does  a W-4 affect your taxes?

3. Why does an employer have to complete an I-9?