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How to Market Your Small Business on a Budget

So, you own, or work for, a small business, and your marketing budget is small – almost non-existent – what can you do? Contrary to popular belief, marketing doesn’t have to be expensive! 1,380 more words


7 Months to Life

As many of you have heard–or if you have been the recipient of a curse filled picture text message from me–Copper has horrible separation anxiety. Like, this dog honestly believes that he cannot survive unless one of us is in the same room with him. 660 more words


Welcome to Pretty Soul Magic

Welcome to my dream and an online place formed to improve lives, to lead more spiritual lives and to be more in touch with YOURSELF. 333 more words


gone are my teenage years

Yesterday, I officially became a lady (technically but I’m not so sure yet). I didn’t celebrate my 18th birthday with a long guest list, tons of food, a fancy hotel, a humongous cake and an extravagant gown. 504 more words


Remembering Max

This post is for me. It’s probably going to be long and I don’t expect others to read it. Like I said, it’s for me. 937 more words


The French Revolution

A recent post by a friend showed an article about France’s recent legislation banning supermarkets from simply throwing out (and often destroying) left-over food. This is a great and positive move but apart from many a food-based pun, it made me think of the utter absurdity of the situation we have in many countries across the world. 95 more words


Politics: not a dirty thing!

Politics is in the air, always had been, although election isn’t until next year and campaigns on television are like zits that keep popping up no matter how much I turn to use the other facial soap. 180 more words