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Perception of color

By now I know everyone has heard about the dress that seems to be different colors to whoever is looking at it. Some see gold and white, some see blue and black, and some see something else entirely different. 193 more words


Here comes the weekend...

Well, it’s Friday, here comes the weekend. I have just finished my Writing: 201 Poetry class. It was nice to learn different styles of poetry. You might see one or two more. 10 more words


My lost sock monkey...

Writing 201: Poetry. Day Eight: Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe

My lost sock monkey

What’s in my drawer?

Let’s me see…

A copper penny and three candies. 82 more words


Frank Underwood's House of Cards Blackberry love has political precedent

FRANK UNDERWOOD is no stranger to cunning stunts, and the new series of House of Cards touching down on Netflix today has him up to his usual tricks. 320 more words



Sometimes people come into your life for a reason.


Good Soil

This morning when I was waiting in the long Starbucks drive thru line, I had a moment of clarity, or a revelation or an “ahha” moment. 199 more words