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Offered Society

If we ALL didn’t have currency what would you have to offer this world!? Hell yourself!?! Answer that! Everybody so blinded by the fact that they cut down a tree (a living organism) to make something, now which is lifeless, “money” and have the nerve to say with out it you must live beneath! 233 more words



I don’t consider myself to be creative but i tried my best to create something that has actual meaning behind it during my semester break. This is the first photo from the series that i will uploading for the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!


Q&A: Naive

The eighty-sixth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What have you been most naive about?”

This is another of those questions that I feel like I should have a different and/or better answer for, but because I can’t think of what that answer should be, I’m going to go with the answer that came to mind first: My relationships. 247 more words



“I wonder if men were so blinded by beauty that they would feel privileged to live their lives with an actual demon, so long as it was a beautiful demon.” 6 more words


Wrathful trance

Muted in the bargain of life and dreams,

she pleaded in agony to aggregate the

remnants of the broken pieces of heart,

smashed boundlessly by destiny. 90 more words


Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (113)

Those oncoming bright lights-

Take away other drivers’ sights.



Silenced And Blinded Poem (Poetry Writings) (10/04/2015)

Silenced And Blinded Poem

In a modern age and in a modern world, it seems that the innocent people of this planet are silenced and blinded, I say silenced because its most often the blood of the innocent flows through the system, systems created by the governments of power and corruption. 278 more words