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For the last few days i’ve been thinking a lot about how i live my life, how my relationships work, and how my relationship with God is going… Not great. 1,028 more words


Loose Cannons

Have you ever felt personally victimized by Regina George?

LOL! Just kidding.

Guys. Things are happening around me and I love it! It’s so refreshing to have so much “new” around me.. 334 more words

thankful thursday: roomie edition

Jaden and I participated in the “How Well do you Know Your Roommate” game last night and WON!! We studied each other all week and asked any question possible, our coworkers were quizzing us and our friends were quizzing us, and basically I have a PhD in my roommate now…and now we have a $50 gift card for a roomie date at BDubs :P… 211 more words


Believers Voyage

The world is a crazy place, sometimes we can even feel like it’s crashing down all around us right? We start to think that the world takes on a human persona and is out to get us… Hang in there though! 115 more words


The Oval Drive Nagleian Community

When I was really little I lived on a street called Oval Drive, it was an oval shaped road with small houses built co-operatively by a group of veterans (my grandfather among them) who had received a special land grant. 607 more words



Walking down the street

Hands swaying side by side

Exchange pain with a smile

care free

I’m going with the winds today

Left my baggage somewhere i forget… 72 more words