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She Fills Me

The way she holds me…
The way she says my name…
The presence of her being
Fills me.

The way she smiles
The way she laughs… 79 more words


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I weep because there is so much love in my life and I am blessed beyond words. This is beautiful, so meaningful. Thank you Matthew. I love you.

More Things Go Right Than Wrong

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.   Psalm 126:3 (NIV)

Thinking back on the bumpy road of my life up to the present moment, I can definitely say no matter what challenge is going on at the time, more things go right than wrong at any given time. 750 more words


~Motivation Monday!

What a motivation Monday it is!! I got a word for you! Won’t he do it!! Today is my oldest daughter 12th birthday! Where has the time gone! 345 more words


OH NO! The lights went out!

Today, mid sentence, mid song, mid day… the lights went out.  They went off, kids cooed and screamed, they came back on, the kids booed and one even began an unsavory curse word (thank GOD he stopped before finishing it and I just took it that he wanted his “mother”) …THEN THEY WENT OFF again and stayed off for a little over an hour.   512 more words


Psalm 116:7 msg

When we are tense and feeling on edge
let us, like the psalmist, remember our blessings.

When you think about your blessings how do you feel? 7 more words

Religion And Spirituality

WEEK 10: Maribel, Maria del Carmen, and MIRACLES

This week has been a week full of MIRACLES!! After our test of patience, diligence, and faith; we saw the fruits of our labor! We’ve seen miracles with Maribel, Maria del Carmen, and Julio. 1,416 more words

My Mission In Cuernavaca