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On setbacks (NSFO - not suitable for optimists)

I’m very good at pretending. When I don’t realize that I’m pretending. Once I have consciously realized that something is a shit pile, I cannot, for a millisecond, pretend it is anything other than a steaming pile of smelly shit. 145 more words



59/365  I missed last night, better late than never

365 Project

~ A Glimmer of Hope ~

As my friends and followers know, I change the theme and color of my blog with the changing of the seasons. I was not planning on going green until 

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A Little Of The Best !


Sheets of lightning flashed across the sky as we pulled the car into the side of the road. Endless lines of cars, and all roads reduced to one lane as the numbers kept swelling. 603 more words


“Fabricated Realm: A Prescient Vision”

They went underground to look around, never to return;
upon noticing their absence, I sought to inquire on their whereabouts,
so down I went into the sludge-ridden tunnels beneath the city, 408 more words


Sense of hope

052 // 365

Parading around York made my hips play up, so when we got in this afternoon I went straight to bed.
They’ve been a bit dodgy all afternoon, so I think I really need to get on with building my leg muscles back up – so back to the exercise tomorrow. 9 more words