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Unkind Acts.

So today, I was coming out of the store and into the parking lot when I witnessed the most insane act of impatience. A woman, who had turned down a lane was rushing to park and a man was back into a spot and blocking her. 362 more words


Place No Blame

I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness. Earlier today, Kerri read an article to me and the author, someone with terminal cancer, wrote that blame is a waste of energy. 219 more words

Truly Powerful People

Let all your blame and guilt go

There is no point in blaming someone else for what happened to you. What happened has already happened and the most beneficial thing for you to do is to let it go. 144 more words

How To Allow

Knights of Sidonia 7, let's get on the Blame! train.

If my recollections is correct, next episode were getting the Blame! insert, which is what I’m most excited for, it’s what I went into KS 2 for. 468 more words


To whomsoever it may concern

Lets hope it heavily rains,

deep into their blocked brains,

it could wash it clean,

the stupid thoughts and actions of mean,

even after if still they are the same, … 8 more words

The girl who blamed herself.

The truth is, no matter how much she avoided admitting to it, she got hurt easily by the people she cared deeply about. She didn’t blame them, she blamed herself. 106 more words


Assigning blame: the "circle of causation" and individual responsibility

Today on NPR, there was an essay on the concept of a “circle of causation”. Apparently, it is popular in sociology and political science circles, and it refers to who you, as an individual, choose to blame in situations, and how that aligns often with your political beliefs and the amount of responsibility you place on individuals, as opposed to collectives.  750 more words