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When God Doesn't Stop Me

Why did God allow me to go through that horrendous ordeal?  Why didn’t He stop my father from hurting me?  Why didn’t He stop that drunk from killing my wife?   1,017 more words


I'm a train wreck

So fella didn’t last very long…yeah I know, don’t judge me.

I could blame it on anything but myself.  I could blame my circumstances, say that I can’t cope because of work or stress or my family.   325 more words

why is "sorry" such a hard word.

there is a boss in every class

the cool one

they don’t change

they don’t get challenged.

you remember them from school?

i do!…from my class. 231 more words

Me And My Defects

Art of Give and Take - and I really don't mean what you think

For some, simply taking is what they do. For many, taking must be compensated by giving. For the select few, giving without taking is the way to go. 228 more words

Punishment’s Purpose: How Humans Became Hardwired for Justice

By Morris B. Hoffman


One of the positive things about the media frenzy over cases like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Aurora Theater shooting is that these types of cases remind us there are profound mysteries of the human condition that we usually tune out during our everyday lives. 321 more words


Wish Upon a Star

I used to wish upon many things, not just stars. I would tell the moon my secrets, the trees would know my sorrows and the sky would listen to how much I longed to step out of the life I had and begin living the one I wanted. 514 more words


Domestic violence FAQs

What is domestic violence, and is it my fault? Should I believe my abuser when he promises to change? How can I help a friend or relative that is in an abusive situation? 919 more words

Domestic Abuse