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12 Things you should stop saying now, like now!

12 Stupid things we should stop saying to our teenagers. Like now!

1. I was once young too you know!

They don’t give a juicy goose’s fart that you were once young. 867 more words


Anger out

I have a sister.

I get mad at her sometimes. Our head don’t function similarly so sometimes things that sound offended to me, won’t mean a thing to her and vice versa. 307 more words

Can he self-propel?  Hell yeah!!!

In my ‘About’ page I explain briefly why I’m writing this blog. Thinking about it now, I’m writing it because I know about 5 people read it and some show their appreciation or sympathy by retweeting! 429 more words


“but the way of the wicked is like total darkness. They have no idea what they are stumbling over.” Proverbs 4:19

I remember how I used to fight a lot with my sister in many things. 517 more words

Not Today

There might come a day when I can look back on all the months I spent hiding, scared of you, jumping at the sound of a ringing phone, at your voice, trembling as I anticipated every update of your terrorisingly inevitable demise, and understand why you put us through so much pain; 364 more words

Writing From Previous Blog

OCD and Decision Making

This week I’m sharing a post written in August 2012:

Many years ago, I saw the movie Moscow on the Hudson, about a Russian musician named Vladimir Ivanoff who defects to the United States. 496 more words

Mental Health

Frankenstein's Monster

Time is Frankenstein’s monster.

He is the phenomenon humanity desperately wanted to pursue.

He is a step further than any thought to go; he is the impossible made possible. 333 more words