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Bad Hair Day

Ever make a dumb mistake? I make dumb mistakes all the time, but this one I share with my daughter. It has become our mutual joke. 726 more words

Twinning continued.... Life In The NICU.

Once they had me stitched up and wheeled me back to the room they informed me that my babies were in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) all I could keep thinking was not my babies over and over in my head. 412 more words

It was another day of hatred, sadness and full of sacrifices. Yeah, still at work.

It seem like I didn’t have my weekday as good as I planned it to be. 394 more words


There are Two Types of Opinions in this World: Mine, and Wrong.

First my disclaimer, I stole that title from Marina.  Literally stole, I didn’t even ask I just took it. But in my opinion it was ok for me to take it… 903 more words



So many times I hurt you,

So many times I blamed myself.

So many nights I left you alone,

in all of those nights you tried to be strong.~


Day 17


Every night the moon rises slowly through the infinite horizon
and I lay out upon my creaking porch and
cry to the world
“Why me! 110 more words


Sermon 87 – Occupied by a Demon

Q. What’s a demon?

Nobody likes thinking about demons and nobody likes talking about demons, but the fact remains that if there is a Holy Spirit then there are unholy spirits, and if there are angels then there are demons. 1,838 more words