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What Brene Brown Has Taught Me About Blame

Remember that rock I told you about, that I found the morning after my husband and I had gotten in an argument? Well, I was turning it over in my hand the other day, while catching up on social media nonsense, when I came across an… 723 more words

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RACI Matrix

There are ample situations where I see people playing blame game . one team puts blame on another and the other tries to push the ball each other’s court… 200 more words

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PAST~ The mistake I chose to make

“There’s nothing worst than being used, except for denying it and allowing it to continue.”

I sat on the edge on the nature strip staring at him, he was by far the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. 617 more words


Who's To Blame?

Is it “suicide” when you take even one person with you?  Or, do we call that “murder? Murder comes in degrees, the worst degree being the one where you plotted and planned it. 1,341 more words

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I don’t blame you for not loving me anymore. It never made sense for you to in the first place. I’m so terrified that it doesn’t hurt too badly yet though. 47 more words


Are You a Bad Customer?

Everyone will complain about the service they receive at some point. There are however the kind of people who will nearly always have a bad experience with customer service. 380 more words

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So You've Been Caught Sinning: Now What?

So You’ve Been Caught Sinning

Sin is bad. The way we respond to sin is sometimes even worse. The Bible is replete with many big picture examples of how people poorly respond to being caught in sin. 1,289 more words