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Löpning utomhus gav mig nya tankar!

Var ute och sprang igår och jag måste säga att det märks att jag inte har sprungit ute på ett tag. Det är är faktiskt inte sedan 20 september 2014 då jag sprang Kretsloppet i Borås, iofs så var benet så illa sargat just då så jag fick hoppa på kryckor i 5 veckor för att stumpen skulle få vila och att såren skulle läka. 516 more words

Det Här är Mitt Liv....

Episode 09: BLADE - Primer

The episode is available here, and all episodes can be found at the ExplosoMagico Network.

Ground Zero for the rise of the Superhero genre, the missing link between action and comic book, BLADE. 130 more words

the good and the bad

The good: I collected my newly-serviced sewing machine late on Saturday afternoon and it seems to be running even quieter than I remember it did when I first used it nearly two years ago. 260 more words

Crafty Bits

Beneath the Surface: Health and Safety - 3/2

  • We are filming at my community pool and it’s very safe because it is always kept clean and not many people go in it. We will be careful filming though because Chris is diving into the pool and it can be slippery so everyone taking part in our opening will be very cautious when filming.
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The roar of Spiritual Warfare

I used to laugh at those believers who said beware of the devil _ he is under every rock and behind every blade of grass. 411 more words


A little heads up

Since most of you have been asking about it, we have not dropped trinity 7. It’s just that we don’t have a permanent translator for it and the one doing it (Purr-Nyan) is fully loaded with stuff and his job is keeping him busy as well. 63 more words