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Dereham's Community Read

Dereham Library is reading Dominion by C J Sansom and Blackout by Emily Barr.  Both titles can be borrowed from the library or reserved.

Dominion by C J Sansom (reserve… 243 more words

The Blackout Of 2015

Solitude. Nowadays, being alone has become synonymous with being an outcast. We have become a race that is so intertwined with media and technology and sources of information that we panic when we don’t have access to it. 469 more words

Group Ottolenghi (1-6)

Those Crazy Germans! The Scorpions' Return to Forever

Its been a little under five years since the Scorpions released Sting In The Tail, the album that they decided halfway through its production would be their last. 1,384 more words


March 2, 1945


In England, Verne writes in his diary . . . .


On pass this morning and up to London. Stepped out with two soldiers and a sailor.

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Shame Sunday

Hangovers are diverse and, like snowflakes, each one is unique. Only one thing is for certain, They occur every Sunday and in my experience fit into 6 categories. 855 more words


Balancing the inner self with the outer world

According to Deresiewicz, solitude is an essential part of the human experience. It helps us to connect with our inner selves. For the religious, he says, it enables us to commune with God. 455 more words

Group Ottolenghi (1-6)

The Formation of Loneliness and the Degradation of Solitude

Christian Roque PID:4257877

I decided to approach this assignment during the weekend since it would allow me to control over the news that reached me. Avoiding those 24-hour news channels broadcasted through TV sets all over campus . 499 more words

Group Ottolenghi (1-6)