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When The World Won't Fit

who gave you the nerve black girl?
who told you that you could have a dream?
who told you that you could want more for yourself? 16 more words

Black Women

A Few Hacks And Websites That I Have Been Enjoying.......

Rubber band Apple:I am sure I am the only person that did not know this, but once you put a rubber band around a chopped apple, it will stay in tact without browning. 163 more words


Real People, Real Results......

 Real People…..Real Results…….No Celebrities Needed…….Check the back, You’ll Find The Facts!

NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins Plus have been helping women grow and wear their own hair since 1998. 267 more words

burden of a black woman: amy's story

i’ve been trying to figure out why i’ve procrastinated on writing this post. 

maybe because i feel like there is so much to say, and i don’t know if i open the floodgates if i’ll be able to close them. 823 more words

Black Women

Day 16

It’s been about 2 weeks in and I can’t lie, consistency has been a challenge for sure. My schedule seems to always be jam packed and by the time I get to the end of the day, I just want to go home and sleep. 358 more words

Black Women

"And What About The Sistas?"

So we’ve finished up with February and the various Black History Month celebrations. Given the events of this past year, many 2015 Black History Month events have understandably focused on the wanton killing of Black people by law enforcement—especially the killing of Black men. 698 more words

Black Boxes

The flesh eats at the me in the blackness and I find myself coloured in with every crayon.

The box now emptied has no wiggle room, for I am all the things I am not, and still more.