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I do not know what being black in America is like...by Daniel Moran, G.M. of Calumet Park

How could anybody know what it is like to be anybody else, let alone what it might be like for an entire race of people living in America today. 1,003 more words

Calumet Park Cemetery In Merrillville Indiana


It has never been about black or white, christian or muslim, or crips or bloods,…EVIL is and has been always about CLASSISM and maintaining it. Wherever people reside they are programed to think that somehow they are better than the next person from their cultural upbringings, which it is in itself is the race between Intelligence and Ignorance,(THE I’s have it) all the rest are nothing more than divide and conquer….What we have is poor, better off, rich, and then there is the greedy…the ones that control the operators of who is allowed to say what and do what.. 570 more words


Meet R.Santorum

Apparently, “black people” are only capable of welfare, or manufacturing labor — your place! 12% of the population, yet Santorum believes they’re comparable to the $7,7 trillion given in welfare to bankers.

United States


“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”

The statement dropped like a ton of bricks on white America when Kanye said it, black folks in America were like “oh someone finally said it”. 810 more words

University Of Secluded Children: What It Was Really Like Being A Black Student At USC

To The President & The Entire USC Admissions Committee:

Since the day of my acceptance into the University of Southern California, the promise of an all-inclusive “Trojan Family” had resonated with me so deeply that I had committed myself to this institution, asking for nothing more than what this campus seemingly already had to offer to its community. 865 more words

Growing Up Black In White Suburban America

My migrant ancestors came to Los Angeles from middle of nowhere Arkansas. They told their kids to always look sharp, believe in Christ, and stop talking back and getting in with crime. 520 more words

African Americans Ain't Africans Radio Presents: The Anasazi

Tonight Ambassador RaDine Amen Ra returns as we trace the so called African American back to it’s Indigenous roots: The Anasazi Race. We will come to understand why the African American identity changes every generation, and why the African American is disconnected from their ancestral homeland and life, and why it is so difficult for the African American to understand reality. 10 more words