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African Americans Ain't Africans Presents: Rising above dead levels of ignorance...

This weekend the residents of Selma Alabama will be commemorating Bloody Sunday. In the fifty years since this crime took place, how have those civil rights pioneers instructed their offspring to deal with the problems we now face in the community. 33 more words


Story of the day *silence Among aggression*

Well it comes to me as no surprise when i see that People of African origin are more prone to violent out lashes than other people in general and being around them for too long has pretty much exposed me to this kind of behavior.so you get 3 mini-stories for the size of one today. 190 more words

How Being Commanded to 'Pop That' Gets Me Live, but Also Kinda Offends Me

Someone recently asked me to defend my dislike of black clubs and parties. They basically said, that’s funny, seeing as how I’m so ‘pro-black’. Uh huh. 1,078 more words


What White People Love About “Empire”! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Black people aren’t the only ones who love “Empire.” Our white girl Shelle Shelle loves it, too! Listen to the audio player to hear what she loves about Lucious and Cookie! 105 more words

The DL Hughley Show

On The Heir Podcast Episode 1: Ni**as v Black People

Everyone has a little n***a in them but there are a lot of n***a stuff that needs to end? Can you control your inner n***a? What flips your #NiggaSwitch? Listen and comment below!


Inside Nianda Speaks & The Lovely J.B. First Radio Interview

This interview was held back in the beginning of 2013 on a social justice radio station called ThriveCast. We spoke about “THE NIGGA PROJECT” and the “My Community” documentary which was not even filmed just yet.


African Americans Ain't Africans Radio Presents: Immigration: Why are African Americans so quiet?

Tonight we tackle an issue where the African American is almost totally silent. Immigration!

What effects will reform have on the African American? Does the African American even care? 29 more words