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Filling the Void EP 3

Danielle sighed as she stared at her reflection. She was ashamed. Stacey meant so much to her but it was clear she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. 1,070 more words


XeNOphobia - I can't be objective

So, it’s 04:00 and I can’t sleep because I’m confused. Where did our humanity go? Where did our common sense go? How have we let this happen? 369 more words

It’s On US…

1. Name a Race/Ethnicity/Nation of people who Europeans came into contact with that they did not attempt to enslave, colonized, and/or exterminate.

2. Name a Nation that is currently vulnerable to Western/European/American aggression, exploitation, invasion, resources rape, and/or neocolonization but are not currently subject to some if not all of these by the West/Europe/US. 605 more words

Black People

4.17 Notables

(Weekly, Aspiring Everything notes the things of the Internet world that was barely noticed because of the media spinning the same stories all the time. Notables provoke thought, laughter, rage, tears and so much more. 590 more words
Black People

Can someone please explain this xenophobia in South Africa?

This last week, media screens have flashed images of black South Africans execute violent acts on other black people, though not South Africans. Black people from other countries in Africa. 596 more words

#SkinnyBlackGirlProbs: Growing Up with Ample Expectations

I’ve had a complicated relationship with my body. Part of it has to do with the fact that as a black woman, I fully expected to be… 2,134 more words