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The stats backing John Legend's slavery comparison at the Oscars

Musicians John Legend and Common, who won the only Oscar awarded for Selma, used their time on stage to highlight the injustices still facing African Americans today. 359 more words

advent RE-DO!

as i prepare my mind, heart and spirit for the season of lent, i’m reminded of this powerful status update i read not too long ago by a brilliant biblical scholar named dr. 358 more words

Cultural Event: "...Or Does It Explode?"

Earlier this week, during my Artist Spotlight of John Burton (John Dayo-Aliya), I mentioned his play, “…Or Does It Explode?,” being a part of The University of Akron’s Rethinking Race Week. 473 more words


What's a Black Life Worth?

Has the narrative distributed by mainstream media caused the negative perception of the African American? Do you think that African American’s have played a role and how we are perceived? 52 more words


How Black People and Art Became Devalued

How Black People and Art Became Devalued

In my last blog I mentioned that culture, in general, seemed in decline.  I asked why.  The above article is from Salon and focuses on the same idea, but from a black perspective.   81 more words


In the kitchen

there is heat

giving pause to the memory of winter in my bones.

My fingers become moist


to touch or create. 99 more words


Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker the Berry

2  grammys in the bank, so what.

Time to tackle the things that actually matter.

Kendrick gets back to business with a captivating piece of in-your-face social commentary a la Immortal Technique. 558 more words