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Sugar Skull - Charles Burns - Book Review

Sugar Skull – Charles Burns – Review

When I read Black Hole, it was a shock to the system. It clawed at a teenagers fear of sex and also the unknown world of adults, and kept a dream like quality throughout. 374 more words


NASA: White Dwarf May Have Destroyed Planet

TAMPA (CBS Tampa)– A team of astronomers found evidence that a white dwarf star may have destroyed a planet that came too close.

Astronomers at… 399 more words


Science in Hollywood

Science in Hollywood

Make-believe movies, TV shows and video games increasingly star the work of real scientists


Stephen Ornes


To make realistic-looking snow, the filmmakers behind… 2,044 more words

“If you really wanna know the truth I’ll tell ya; I’ll tell ya.

If you really wanna go to London boy I’ll sail ya. I’ll sail us.

19 more words



“Black hole?? Parallel Universe??”

Do you see the link in between these, two totally possible by fiction and If we consider that the universe we live in is of the shape and size of, as told by the mathematics of the scientists from those universities. 156 more words


Deficits and Black Holes

Much has been spouted by Labour and their Unionist cronies about Scotland seeking to have FFA…Full Fiscal Autonomy. They say it is a terribly bad thing….Very Very Very Bad thing…..Scotland just could not cope and we would all be in the gutter if it were implemented.. 336 more words

The Black Hole

The Black Hole
How glorious it must be,
to have the world in your fist,
Every opportunity taken an advantage of,
all the odds in your favour fueled by your ambition, 186 more words