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AWS Auto-healing VPC NAT Instance

If the NAT instance is terminated or stopped, the status will become”Black Hole” in the route table. All instances in private subnets that associate with the route table will no longer be able to connect to the Internet until the route is updated with another NAT instance. 255 more words

Space Dust: Episode 3 The Rival

The Rival

Hopefully Crimson’s survival would never be hung on her powers of stealth. Her robotic left foot echoed like a cooking pan on the catwalk. 1,294 more words

Think of a Happy Thought

Think of a happy thought. Any little happy thought. That’s one of my favorite Disney quotes. It comes from Peter Pan when Peter is trying to teach the Darling children how to fly. 636 more words

'Art and The Conscious Mind: Beyond Understanding - Field in Review

A Depiction of the Void

The void as seen at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Oddyssey’

Untitled Ink Drawing, by Jiro Yoshihara… 526 more words


Big Steps in Gravitational Wave Detection

Today, May 19, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (“LSC”) dedicates its second-generation gravitational-wave detectors (“aLIGO”) in a ceremony at the Hanford detector site. Researchers at the… 310 more words



As soon as the distractions slow, my head spins out of control.

I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m so tired.

I don’t like the prospect of having to give up any of my kids, let alone one of the dogs. 94 more words