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Standing in Defense of Nothing: Part 2

I’ve been in New Mexico for over 24 hours now, so I think I have a pretty good handle on it: it’s hot. And though the heat today (100 degrees) is oppressive, I’d still take it over the Midwest’s 90-degree days with with 85 percent humidity. 1,983 more words


Fight Like a Girl by Alex Ramirez


The Anthropological Power of the Long-Unavailable (But Never Forgotten) 'Decline of Western Civilization' Trilogy

For years now, Penelope Spheeris’ Decline of Western Civilization documentaries have loomed larger as artifacts and specters than as actual films, thanks in no small part to their decades-long… 1,393 more words


Brainiacs At CNN Mistakes Flag With Dildos Drawn On It For Black Flag Of ISIS At London's Gay Pride Parade

Daily Mail — CNN aired ‘exclusive’ report claiming ISIS flag was displayed in gay march

CNN has mistaken a flag displaying sex toy symbols for that of terrorist organisation Islamic State in a report it aired on London’s Gay Pride parade. 78 more words


Latest ISIS Propaganda Video: Islamic State Jihadists Behead 12 Syrian Rebels In Field Outside Damascus

Independent — Isis has released a new propaganda video claiming to show the murder of 12 captives near the Syrian capital.

The men, wearing orange jumpsuits, are seen kneeling in a field before masked militants force them to the ground and behead them with knives as the black flag of the “Islamic State” flutters in the background. 38 more words