First Drafts

Hey writers and readers alike,

There’s nothing more fulfilling than to type the words “end of episode” or “the end” after weeks of writing. I was finally able to get to this point with my pilot. 386 more words

The Keepers Of Altara

Sunday with the Pups

He has a couple, but if I’m in my office…he’s usually here. Loves to rest his head on the old magazines. 8 more words

Moonlight in Black Shuck Country

Around ten days ago, I was idly pondering some of the features in the Stonehenge landscape when some ‘thing’ quietly called out for my attention. This is a sensation I long ago grew accustomed to, but despite the fact that I recognised that a faint voice was trying to be heard and I listened carefully and calmly as a result, all I could ascertain was that it was something to do with the Avenue at Stonehenge. 613 more words



Today is our little mister’s 8th birthday.  Currently he’s curled up in the chair in the corner of our living room sleeping.  He’s as cute as he’s ever been.   665 more words


New Post from Anilbalan's Ghost Cities Blog: The Hunt for the Hound

As usual Anilbalan is in top form.

From: Ghost Cities
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Subject: The Hunt for the Hound… 353 more words


DogDaz Zoo: Mon petit Jack

threedogsnight:  Mon petit Jack by Maxuos on Flickr.

I love all the colors of his face and ears against the blurred ground. – DogDaz