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How Being Commanded to 'Pop That' Gets Me Live, but Also Kinda Offends Me

Someone recently asked me to defend my dislike of black clubs and parties. They basically said, that’s funny, seeing as how I’m so ‘pro-black’. Uh huh. 1,078 more words


I experienced the Vow Of Silence but I can't keep quiet

Today I discovered the beauty that was New York Public Library of black culture in Harlem. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about,I’m here to talk about film that left me filled with joy and emotions. 193 more words


Malcolm X Didn't Hate White People, He Loved Black People

When Malcolm X called white people devils, he was not talking about any one specific person. He was commenting on the evil that had been done to his people by members of America’s dominant race. 694 more words

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Slaughtering Blacks on the Street but Praising Black Culture on Stage

We have to talk about it. Right now, whether people choose to admit it or not (those that claim they ‘don’t see color’) there is a target on the back of Blacks. 339 more words


#1 Rencontre avec Po Lomami

Désolée pour les conditions de tournage, Po étant de passage, nous avons dû nous adapter aux conditions – et à sa petite voix ! Bon visionnage ;)

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Beyhive attacks Kid Rock after he rips into Beyonce (Opinion)


As if the entertainment world didn’t need another controversial feud between its players. On Saturday, Kid Rock started an internet war after taking shots at Beyonce in an interview. 308 more words


Driving a Progressive Conversation On #Colorism In Black Culture

OWN TV premiered a new documentary, “Light Girls“, in celebration of their #SELMA50 on Martin Luther King Day. The documentary arrives as a sequel to  599 more words

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