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If the news talked about white people like they talk about black people

“As an American of color who considers himself an ally to the white community, I’m just tired of seeing young, belligerent white people disgrace themselves year after year at surfing events, … 152 more words


What is Baltimore Like Right Now? (Pictures and Audio)

On Tuesday, Pulsefeedz staff writer Ashley Martin, along with Salisbury University graduates Ariana Kitchens and Leslie Roane, travelled to the west side of Baltimore to see the ravaging effects of Monday’s unfortunate riots in response to the alleged homicide of Freddie Gray. 687 more words


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N. D. B. CONNOLLY: Black Culture Is Not the Problem

New York Times — BALTIMORE — IN the wake of the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent unrest in Ferguson, Mo., commentators noted the absence of black representatives among Ferguson’s elected officials and its police leadership. 124 more words


An "Audio Art" review

Today I would like to present a review of a close friend of mine (who goes by his given name Stanquan Pittman) project titled “ 122 more words


Overcoming Racism - Recognizing Sensationalism

To make sense of our universe, we categorize. I needed to see all black adults as clones of Dr. Martin Luther King, to put them in a favorable box. 866 more words

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B-More Stay Standing

My thoughts on Baltimore

I stand by them and all their actions.

Let’s start with the stores, the “looting” the destruction of property…Well, statistics say that most likely, those cars, homes and businesses aren’t owned by Blacks.  559 more words