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Fun Times With Dad

I just finished a term paper, for a class that I am taking.

The topic was, How a fathers care and attention impacts a child’s life. 561 more words

Mentoring Articles

And Now For An Important Announcement:

I have always been fascinated by words. From looking through dictionaries and encyclopedias as a child, to rapping as a teenager, and writing fiction as an adult, I’ve always been intrigued by the emotion and shades of expression the written and spoken word can convey. 133 more words

Social Issues


As the weather continues to improve, I’ve had a lot of friends participating in outdoor activities that gave me an extreme case of nostalgia.

Now while attempting to relive the golden days of our childhood (and enhancing them via drugs and alcohol) is awesome, it’s just not the same. 709 more words

Guy Stuff

Being Black v. Being A Woman

When I was in college, a friend and myself were educators of relationship and sexual violence prevention (RSVP) for our university.  As you can imagine, a group of educators for RSVP issues are full of activist and young people motivated by what I call ist-isms (think all things political and justice related).  742 more words

Growing Soul

Another 'I hate New York' rant, by Yours Truly

Looks serene up there in that pic, huh? Boy, are you gullible.

New Yorkers are supposed to be assholes. So goes the common mythos. Being a Long Islander, I’ve very often been on the receiving end of this asshattery…long ago the founding fathers of ratchetdome decided Long Island wasn’t the ‘real’ New York. 1,585 more words

Pop Culture

Jetsetting With the Queen. 

Back in early 2013 my then girlfriend and I went to Puerto Rico for our birthdays, which happened to be 7 days apart. The trip was fun and nice, but it had potential to be AMAZING. 1,004 more words


What Are We Going To Do With The N-Word?

Conversations about the N-word can be tiresome. Should we say it? Can White people say it? Will it always have hurtful connotations attached to it? Is it… 727 more words

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