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Why race issues in “Mad Men” remained invisible, to the very end

Don Draper’s smile was always slow moving and surprising when it happened. There was no doubled-over-tears-streaming-down-his-face-laughter in his life. No belly laughs or card games or trash talking over sports. 1,116 more words

The voice of Joyce: Lives count 

Why are  we destroying people’s lives?  

Have you read the times lately, oh no, it’s the human condition.  Too sad for words. We are destroying our youth in more novel ways then I can count. 281 more words

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"Snapshots Of A Racist Teacher": What A Principal’s Bigoted Rant Shows Us About American Education

Over the weekend, Nancy Gordeuk, the founder and director of TNT Academy, a small private school in the Atlanta area, made racially offensive remarks at the school’s graduation ceremony. 1,504 more words


What this means is that the State does not need to kick in our doors or police our communities because we will do it for them. 548 more words

Black Americans

Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author, David Mulatto, Black vs. White/Freedomizer Radio/Podcasts

Rose Colombo Radio Shows (c) 5/6/2015

David Mulatto, author, is welcomed by Rose Colombo, Worldwide Radio Host on “Author’s Corner.” David Mulatto shares his exciting and timely book, Left vs. 479 more words

"In Defense Of 'Uppity-ism'": Michelle Obama, "Rise Above The Noise"; All Black Americans Should Take Her Advice

It became clear during the 2008 presidential campaign that America was going to have some real trouble handling the prospect of a black president of the United States and a black first lady. 972 more words


"Ben Carson Is In Danger Of Losing All Respect": He Can Only Lose In This Campaign, And More Than Just The Republican Primary

Over decades of a brilliant career as a brain surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson attracted legions of admirers — black, white and brown; liberal, moderate and conservative; fundamentalist Christian and agnostic. 688 more words