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Part 3 : Survey the competition, see what works and what doesn't using "jobs to be done"

In Part 1 we began by asking ourselves some guiding questions to challenge our initial assumptions. In Part 2 we defined our vision and mission… 320 more words

The job, not the customer, is the fundamental unit of analysis for a marketer who hopes to develop products that customers will buy.

Clayton Christensen on “

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Part 1 : So you want to build a successful and profitable web site, mobile or home devices app, service or platform?

Often when I tell newly met acquaintances how I make my living this statement/question arises – “I have an idea for an app (or website, etc) – tell me how do I make it?” Where to begin? 209 more words

Quechua’s new Global Design Center: at the crossroads of influences 

Author and Contributor

Marine Abondance



A lot of mountain bikes parked next to the entrance, breath-taking posters on the walls, and people walking around in their business casual attire. 426 more words


Morocco, future global Aeronautic player?

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Laila Skalli

Morocco has gradually earned a strong place in the aeronautic industry, attracting global aerospace investors seeking for competitive advantage. 295 more words


Sports and Business: a love story

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Louis Roux

2014 was about winter Olympics and the football world cup, and 2015 has already dealt with Handball and ski world cup whereas 2016 will see rugby world cup and summer Olympics. 1,226 more words


Connected objects are not that close to revolutionize the sport market

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Mathieu Thomyre

Friday, 16th of January, Google decided to stop its Google Glass project for B to C market. The decision sounds like an earthquake, and most of all for some companies like Nike, which had invested on applications for this new technology. 1,243 more words