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Serbia Erects Statue To Honor Assassin Who Triggered World War I

There is a fascinating story out this week that reminds us of how people can view history and violence in vastly different ways, including attacks of terrorism or assassination. 438 more words


Great Body, Lousy Finish: Kentucky Lawyer Suspended After Arrest For Stealing High Priced Wine

The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended Rodger Moore, a Northern Kentucky attorney who appears to have been undone by a love for expensive wines — very expensive wines. 334 more words


Is our Universe a Hologram? Some physicists think so

By Joshua Krause | The Daily Sheeple

It’s strange to think that not too long ago, the idea that time is an illusion wasn’t taken seriously by the scientific community. 618 more words


This is How the Matrix Invades Your Body, Mind and Soul

by Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer, Waking Times

Stress is a genuine pandemic, a full spectrum attack on the nervous and immune systems that greatly contributes to the unhealthiness and unease in our world. 529 more words


Atlas, Zeus & Zen

Someone’s got to support the oceans in the southern hemisphere, and it might as well be him. 11 more words


The Men Inside — Barry N. Malzberg (1973)

Publisher: Prestige Books, Inc.

First Prestige Books (Magnum Science Fiction) Printing, 1973

Cover Art: Uncredited (please leave a comment if you know)

Plot Synopsis (of cover): Gary, Pole Vaulter of the Future, was wearing his favorite blue body condom the day Mandy came to his party. 432 more words