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Old-fashioned: Diplomatico Reserva

We had dinner last night in the Rum & Crab Shack in St Ives, a great restaurant located right on the harbour, which has a range of caribbean & creole cooking, including dishes such as jambalaya, gumbo & po’ boys (which covers the ‘crab’ side of the name). 400 more words


G and Tea

The name of this cocktail was inspired by the name of the beer, “broken dial” which was so named for its flavour that stops time, and that the cocktail has two delicious tea elements to it. 125 more words


Bitters and Soda

It has been a long, long time since we’ve mixed up a mocktail for our daily update. However, the past several nights I’ve been snuggled up reading Brad Thomas Parsons’ … 158 more words

Classic Cocktail

The Summer Daze - Memorial Day

Happy summer everyone! Right now I’m in Palm Springs and it is appropriately hot and sunny. So, a drink to celebrate the new season, whether it’s already arrived where you are, or if it’s coming soon. 189 more words



Faced with a bottle of bourbon, bitters, and a boyfriend who purchased the wrong kind of Vermouth, what did I do?

Found The Brooklyn: a Manhattan with dry instead of sweet vermouth. 47 more words

Pickle In The Kitchen

Twenty-Three Stream of Conciousness Things I Hate About Him -- One for Every Year I was Married

1.  I hate him for starting a new relationship before ending ours.
2.  I hate him for his lack of respect for me.
3.  I hate him for telling me for 23 years each day was new and we’d try again — until the day he didn’t. 444 more words


Day 33: Spring Tonics: Bitters

Bitters today are mainly used as flavoring in cocktails, but originally they were used medicinally to help treat everything from the common cold to digestive disorders. 462 more words

Folk Magic