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Common Server Excuses

“I couldn’t find a shirt that fits.”

-78% of all servers

Bitter Restaurant Manager

Inexperienced Diners Understanding Basic Cooking Terminology

Know your limitations as a diner. Being an educated diner doesn’t mean your biological clock is in sync with the limited yearly release of the… 718 more words

Bitter Restaurant Manager


There was so much hatred in her voice as she said it.  My skin still trembles at the reverberation escaping her throat.  It’s not the first time in my life I’ve been haunted by a similar inflection drenched in loathing, but this one lingers.   268 more words



eyes flutter wide just to prove I’m alive

and the light is a head splitting sight

the moment has come to be one and undone… 119 more words


Back then, I was happy
The feeling that makes you strong
Made you forget all of your vulnerability

Now, I am depressed
Imprisoned by the feeling… 57 more words



It’s funny,

They way I cry

Haunted by his pompous laughs.

It’s sad,

The way I smile

When My Love withdraws, at last.

It’s a shame… 24 more words


Arg, besviken och bitter

Wow, jag är less, less på en heldel. Less på vissa människor i min omgivning, less på mig själv. Nu börjar jag bli arg, det kokar inom mig och jag känner mig ännu mer less för att jag liksom allltid låter saker bero. 99 more words