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Life for the little guy 1: mini-explosions

I’m mainly going for awe with science rather than explaining mechanics. Bicarb and vinegar have the ‘wow’ factor in spades, even more so if you hide food colouring under the bicarb and then use a syringe to squirt the vinegar on. 12 more words

Written By Tamie

Minute quantities…

Having had the Subject of Biology at school AND

Having seen a few Films on Aspects of this,

I have learned some on this over the Years. 511 more words


V is for Very (Short)

Well, I still have my cold, and I also have errands that have to be done today, as tomorrow will not work. Sigh. So that means today’s post is, as promised, very, very short. 101 more words


Midterms are Finished!

Hey guys! Last two weeks were midterms and all of mine were on the second week. Let me tell you…. midterms here in Korea have such a different feel than midterms in the US. 291 more words



You’re alone in the ocean, it’s night, you can’t see or hear anything except your own frantic breathing. It’s cold. You’ve been treading water for hours, maybe days or weeks and it feels like forever and you’re so fucking tired. 404 more words


U is for Under (the Weather)

I can hear what you’re thinking already, hypothetical reader. Actually, I can always hear what you’re thinking, because that is how this works. Convenient, no? 324 more words


Router Bit Height Adjustment Gauge / Jauge pour ajuster la hauteur des fraises

Expérimenter à ma table à toupie (défonceuse) m’a fait faire un pas de plus, ce que je veux partager aujourd’hui.

Cela fait des années que j’utilise une petite règle d’acier de 6″ pour ajuster une partie d’une fraise au niveau de la table et cela fonctionnait bien. 245 more words

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