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Footballers Playing Hockey

The Southampton boys are off on a mini-break to Switzerland this week for some “team bonding” and recovery. Sure beats the scavenger hunts, cocktail hours, and paintball exercises I’ve endured over the years in the name of team building. 36 more words

Bits And Bobs

Cristiano Cuts Footloose

Crispy gets his dance on in this advert for his new shoe collection (with a little help, I’m sure from a stand in dancer). Shake it, Ronnie!

– Lozil

Bits And Bobs

Onward To The Ancestral Land Of Xabis

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I was happily strolling through the galleries of the Guggenheim Bilbao and snarfing pintxos in San Sebastian with watishista… 1,022 more words

Bits And Bobs

Preparation For Athletic Continues

All quiet on the Madrid front today. The team just continued their preparations for Saturday’s match against Athletic Bilbao. Meanwhile, in NYC, we had another flipping snowstorm. 19 more words

Bits And Bobs

"All I Knew Was The Ball Was Round"

Meet Traute Wohlers, a one-woman coaching machine. How did I not know of this Guinness World Record Holder for having coached football to over 3000+ children before this week? 1,021 more words

Bits And Bobs

Villa, What Are They Doing To You?

Well, it’s been unveiled and it’s even worse than I expected. This is just…poo. 181 more words

Bits And Bobs

Poll Results: All our homes are Westiefied

Here are the results of the survey to show how many of us have numerous Westie related bits and bobs in our homes.  121 people voted on the poll, so thanks to you all.   375 more words

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