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I woke up at 2 am this morning finding bites running all up and down my right arm.

They started itching and I started scratching. My arm began burning, so I got up to use the bathroom before going to the kitchen to get the bug bite spray. 108 more words

Daily Rant


It was the 4th of July, our nations Independence day, the night the sky bursts forth in a tantalizing display of color and fire before a cheering crowd. 271 more words

Cheesecake Strawberry Bites with Lemon Oil

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends! Here is a fabulous red, white and blue treat you can whip up last-minute.

These beauties are part of my dessert spread. 264 more words

Essential Oils

How to sooth bug bites?

Summer is here and “mosquitoes & Co” too! Having lost count of all the bug bites on my body, I couldn’t bear to scratch myself every ten seconds. 51 more words


Mini Beef Wellington Bites

Mini Beef Wellingtons can be served as a party snack or as part of a main meal. Succulent pieces of beef are seared and wrapped in a layer of puff pastry with a savoury mixture of mushroom, onion and garlic. 74 more words


Asda's Beastie Bites

Praise the crisp lord! Vegan versions of Monster Munch – in all three flavours!!! BEST. DISCOVERY. EVER. 


Frozen Yoghurt Cup/Bites

I actually made those frozen yoghurt cups in the photos back a couple of months ago when it was absolutely freezing outside but I was experimenting with snack recipes at the time and really wanted to try it!! 140 more words

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