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'A vote of confidence': Nasdaq, NYSE take steps to embrace bitcoin

The biggest U.S. stock exchange operators are taking steps to embrace bitcoin, spurring speculation the digital currency is coming up from underground.

Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. 344 more words

FP Street

Gold vs Bitcoins

Bitcoin is often called “Gold 2.0” because they share many of the same traits. As we have magazines dedicated to “head to head” matchups in cars, motorcycles, computer parts, cell phones, etc. 1,629 more words


Bitcoin & Money

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and today’s money mechanics certainly didn’t come in a single treaty.  Our global financial system, like any human system, is not perfect and can be outright cruel and inhumane.   2,915 more words


You Say Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value? Twenty-two Reasons to Think Again.

Intrinsic Value Defined:

Let’s agree what the term “Intrinsic Value” means. For this article we will use the common Wikipedia entry for the intrinsic theory of value. 2,693 more words


What is a Bitcoin Address and How Do You Sign It?

Short Answer: A Bitcoin address is a unique number that “holds” bitcoin currency. You use the address to receive and send bitcoins.

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Smart Property in Action

Smart property is to deeds as Bitcoin is to money. In the same way that Bitcoin revolutionized the concept of currency, smart property revolutionizes the concept of ownership, removing the need for a central authority to say who owns what.  602 more words


Building a Bitcoin Economy: How to Make the Transition

The Bitcoin community has made great strides in spreading adoption so far. Businesses accepting Bitcoin have popped up all over the world, and in many cities like Vancouver, we’re starting to experiment with spreading vertically along the supply chain. 672 more words