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“No. I don’t think so. You’re being a bitch.” He said.

“I’m no bitch. This isn’t up to you.” She took her whiskey.

Outside the pub were men and women walking. 168 more words



This could be a heavier blog post (in terms of content, not weight dum dums), but a lot of things are like roaming through my head at this point in my life. 188 more words


5 things crazy girls do 

So 99% of people are at least a little crazy, but I would personally say girls are more crazy than guys. Here’s 5 reason why… 179 more words

Why I Wear Leather

I wear leather because it gives me power. Not only visual power over men at work and on the street, but it unleashes the power I already had inside myself but society discourages me from tapping into. 85 more words


A bitch called life, my best friend (or Striving) - a poem

A Bitch called life, my best friend ~ 

Let the dust die down and coughing fit stop

Let the world know I gave a damn or let them know nothing… 61 more words

Inquiring Minds

Now What?!

Until 25, we’re basically playing an obstacle course, going from one spot to another and hoping we make it to the other side. We go to school, then college, then job, don’t really have much of a choice in those things. 158 more words



I’m sorry but did anyone see Madonna get pulled down the stairs by her cape at the BRITS. It was hilarious. I don’t usually laugh at old people falling over but this was an exception. 149 more words