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Rihanna Says "Bitch Better Have My Money"

Rihanna posted her latest release after teasing the artwork on instagram last night


what i don't care about

here is a v true thing: i am a feminist. i can spot a misogynist or someone who internalizes misogyny from a state away. i don’t tolerate anyone telling me what they think of my nude modeling ANYMORE. 342 more words

Ferociously Love Yourself

Some people have that abortionist look on them. Like they wake up every morning eagerly looking forward to how many babies they can turn to slush that day. 42 more words

The Price of Slapping A Bitch

My aunt slapped a bitch once, and because of it she will forever be my hero. The woman she slapped completely deserved it and there were plenty of witnesses around to nod their heads and confirm, “Oh yeah, that bitch just got slapped!” Unfortunately, due to an egregious miscarriage of justice, my aunt had to pay thousands of dollars in lawyer‘s fees just to stay out of jail after the woman pressed charges. 890 more words

The Crazy

NEW MUSIC: Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

We have been waiting for a Rihanna album for a lot longer this time around, she has decided to take about a 2 year break opposed to the album every year stance. 125 more words

New Music

Screaming ruins public transport

Dear crazy bitches

Dear crazy bitches,

We all understand that relationships are difficult and that sometimes this will trigger emotional responses that don’t represent you at your best. 218 more words

Crazy Bitch