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Reverse bits in an integer

Say this integer has M bits

def reverse_bits(n, M):
    N = 1 << M
    r = n # will store the bit-revevrsed pattern
    for i in xrange(M):
        n >> 1
        r << 1
        r |= n&1 # Give LSB of n to r
    r &= N-1 # N-1 is a mask, will clear all bits more significant than N-1
    return r

# A improved version
def reverse(n, M):
    N = 1 << M
    count = M -1
    r = n

    while n != 0:
        n >> 1
        r << 1
        r |= n&1
        count -= 1
    r << count
    r &= N-1
    return r

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