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Ladies and gentleman, we have a walker!

It was only one step yesterday and one step today, but BIT has officially taken steps solo now! And the DreadBrewer and I both got to see it. 29 more words


How Long Do Most Of Your Panic Attacks Last?

While I m sure most of us have a bit of a spectrum (short ones where we can recover quickly, or the longest durn one -or six- ever); I m curious how long most of your panic attacks last for? 7 more words

When I'm Calmer, The Things I Think/say/write When I'm Not Seem Asinine.

I ve calmed down a bit over the past week or so – not that anything is easy, my life is still a train wreck just looking for a place to happen. 89 more words


i like that prefix. just “sufferer.” you know? nice. i m L, lurked a bit, now i m here. forgive me if i f*ck up (forgive me father, for i have f*cked up? 62 more words

Installing 64 Bit software with Guest Agent in vCAC 5.2

Installing 64 Bit software with Guest Agent in vCAC 5.2
So you have set up your vCloud Automation Centre, followed the guide, put in multiple hours creating the enterprise groups, provisioning groups, reservations, blueprints, etc. 11 more words

What Is Your 5 Year Plan?

What is your 5 year plan? You hear the above title quite a bit in the Corporate world. Especially when you are being interviewed by some young Human Resources Recruiter. 42 more words