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Whenever I fantasize about the future possibilities it is usually the same theme. I envision a life where I can finally stand on my own two feet, when I can finally depend on my own damn self. 939 more words

The Confessional

I was definitely born in the wrong family...

I once heard someone say that our soul chooses the family we’re going to be born in. If that’s true then why the fuck did my soul choose this family? 229 more words

Space is joy

They say space is information. They say space is joy.

We’ve been driving for hours. Restless. Looking for a place to call our final stop. 53 more words

Right Here Right Now


He felt elated when he first gazed at you. You’re wearing blue sleeves, black messenger bag hanged on your shoulders black pants, and a black leather shoes. 100 more words


WINNER! The Baby's on Fire *All that Glitters* Blog Tour

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations, Loren!

Thank you so much to everyone that joined in with the *All That Glitters* blog tour for Baby’s on Fire… 808 more words

And then, the doubt monsters...

With everything moving so quickly with Eve (the sexting continues and we’re due to meet her on Saturday), I’ve found myself plagued with doubts. Are we opening a Pandora’s box by bringing another woman into our relationship? 250 more words


Anti-Gay Blogs Using LGBT Tags. Sorry, We Don't Really Read It.

I do wish people wouldn’t use the tag LGBT when they unleash their anti-gay views onto the worldwide web. When I search my fellow bloggers, I do search this tag because it is part of the community that I belong to and yes, I want to support my little LGBT blogging community. 327 more words