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Stupidity reigns supreme

It’d obviously been a long hard winter in more places than southern Ontario judging by some of the articles in various publications recently.  I say that because sundry politicians, would-be politicians and ordinary citizens seem to have taken leave of their senses and… 429 more words


Hypocrisy Is Alive & Well In States Limiting LGBT Local Protections

By: Andrew Shaughnessy

Certain States are finding all sorts of ways to undermine LGBT progress this session.  Of those LGBT issues, remains one close to my heart — basic protections for the LGBT community. 270 more words


An almost scarily gorgeous woman works in my office. Everything about her seems sharp. Severe. Her thinness. Her skin’s paleness. The angles of her cheeks. Her hair is *so* red and it’s always pulled as tightly back as it could go. 91 more words

Bisexuality and Quoiromanticism

I’m a quoiromantic bisexual. I don’t know where this places me in the aro community tbh. I am in a romantic relationship, I am comfortable with the idea of being in (multiple) romantic relationships and I don’t feel especially left out by romantic culture (racism, heteronormativity, misogyny and fatphobia aside. 35 more words


3 Stars for The Moment of Truth (Moments in Time #2) by Karen Stivali #Bisexual #MM #Romance #New Adult @karenstivali

Title: Moment of Truth (Moments in Time #2)
Author Name: Karen Stivali
Publication Date & Length: March 4, 2015 – 130 pgs… 1,030 more words


Who Am I?

I woke up early this morning, and thought I would use the privacy to my advantage. It’s hard for me to write with the hustle and bustle of distractions. 960 more words