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The purpose....

At the risk of sounding like a tumblrista or something equally absurd, I needed a safe space. A corner where I could be mostly alone and/or limited to interacting with myself and my elite group of shock troops who actually mostly understand me. 486 more words


She (Part 22)

“So who is the lucky girl then?” There’s no right time to ask you this and I am not sure if I really want to know but I can see that something’s happened over the week and perhaps it’s better if you break my heart sooner rather than later. 483 more words


Review of Grasshopper Jungle

The Style and Strangeness of Kurt Vonnegut. With grasshoppers.

This book was weird. But in a good way.

The narrator had a very blunt, direct way of saying things. 119 more words


The Canyon

The Canyon


Michelle Elizabeth Roberts

April 27th. 2015

Upward, like a tiny speck of dust, the sun is telling me summer’s warmth has come.  In a glorious golden downpours of heat, we strip away our shelters to bath naked as a new born babes.  228 more words


Same sex marriage in Ireland ❤️🍊🌼🐢🚘😈

(Picture credit: Ellie HallorAn

So, like in many countrys(?), Ireland has a ban(?) on same sex couples getting married. There is of course the civil union, but how romantic does that sound? 435 more words

Brittany The Island Girl Guest Post...

Brittany The Island Girl, a most intelligent, mature, sassy, sexy, young lady, with amazing insights into human existence, was invited to write something for my blog, and here is what she provided: 72 more words


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My first guest post , on a very erotic , raunchy blog. Thanks SG , you know it's all about you.

Internal Battle

I met this girl two years ago. Towards the end of 2013.

She smiled brighter than the sun in the summer, she laughed oxygen into my lungs and opened herself up completely to me; but for some reason… I can’t seem to open myself up to her. 303 more words