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Threescore Years and Ten

Recently my journey through this life reached a milestone. That milestone is exactly what Moses was speaking of in Psalm 90: 10. However, no matter what age you may find yourself the following is worth reading, considering and then acting upon. 327 more words


A Birthday Gift for You

I woke up today to discover that Kitty and Jordie were missing.

This is Jordie and Kitty if you wonder who they are.

My first thought was to check my wallet for missing credit cards.

342 more words
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Effort vs. Worth; 364 days to a brand new me

How much am I worth?

My bank statement notwithstanding, I like to think I’m worth my ample weight in Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Which will someday be real and valuable currency, I’m sure. 272 more words


Polka Dots for K's 1st Birthday

When I took my first cookie decorating class I wanted to be able to be the mom who could make cute cookies for her kids’ special days.  158 more words


Half a Year

My baby is six months old.

The newborn days are gone. The first real smile, giggles, rolling over, eating food…. It’s all happened and it’ll never happen again. 413 more words


Can high schoolers not handle a relationship and school?

It really depends on the relationship and the person. If you’re spending every minute of the day with this person and not giving the needed time to school, then yes there’s a problem. 243 more words


Best. Party. Ever. (as per the most important 12 year old in the world)

What constitutes a good party? Your twelve year old daughter telling you, after the guests all leave that, “Dad, that was the BEST party ever!” That’s it. 545 more words