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9-Year-Old Boy Critically Hurt By Mother's Boyfriend Over Birthday Cake

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — A nine-year-old Hagerstown boy is handcuffed and beaten. Police say it was all for eating a piece of birthday cake. Now his mother’s boyfriend is behind bars, held on $1 million bond. 321 more words


My struggle with birthday cakes!

Okay so this is not a recipe but I just want to express my thoughts on birthday cakes!!

I always think it will be a lovely idea to make someone a birthday cake for their birthday but once I get round to making it, the two halves of the cake are always uneven meaning that the jam and butter icing in the middle of the two halves make the top half slip off all the time, therefore making it wonky and then because of this I always have problems with icing the cake! 172 more words


Annabel's Baek-il

I went to North Carolina to meet my new niece Annabel recently and while we were there she had her Korean Baek-il (100th day birthday). So my sister and brother-in-law who had lived in Korea for a year, made a delicious Korean feast and I made a cake!  60 more words


Little Sisters Birthday Cake

It was my little sisters Birthday and I don’t see her very often so I thought it would be nice of me to make her a cake. 632 more words


A birthday cake and a back ache!

This is honestly one of the cakes that I am most proud of. It isn’t the most perfectly piped or designed cake to have ever been made, but it is one that I spent HOURS creating, because my little sister asked for it. 663 more words


Heinz Ketchup Cake

Baking date: June 12, 2015

My uncle turns 70 this year. His birthday is in November, but his son — a Marine — has just been assigned to a new tour of duty in Italy. 502 more words


R2-D2 Kake

R2-D2 is my husbands favorite Star Wars character, so for his birthday I surprised him with a little R2 cake. It was my first time using fondant and I think it went fairly well. 20 more words