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What Having a Baby Taught Me about Christ's Sacrifice

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I used to struggle with being grateful for Christ’s sacrifice. There were times when thoughts like this would go through my mind: “Why was Christ dying on the cross such a big deal? 886 more words

Labor and Nursing- Behind the Scenes


I’m not going to lie… I went into labor rather cocky. I had taken my Birth Boot Camp classes, done my research, watched tons of birth videos – I was prepared! 1,638 more words

Mothers + Midwives in Haiti

Earlier this spring, we were asked if we were interested in flying down to Haiti to film and photograph the work of MamaBaby Haiti, a midwife clinic in Haiti’s second-most populous city, Cap Haitien. 381 more words


Triplets Streak Continues At Central California Hospital

FRESNO (CBS/AP) — Doctors at a Central Valley hospital have delivered a fourth set of triplets in the last four weeks.

The Fresno Bee reports… 129 more words


Call a Bronx Birth Injury Attorney When a Child Has Development Delays

When people think of calling for a Bronx birth injury attorney, they often look for one immediately after the child is born. However, some types of damage are hard to notice; a baby may seem fine for the first few months, but there may come a time that the child’s parents would start to notice something wrong in the way their child is developing. 53 more words

Get a New York Birth Injury Lawyer When Your Baby Comes Out Harmed

“For many prospective parents, their baby is their foremost concern. A birth should be a time of happiness and joy; however, for some, it isn’t. Some babies come out hurt or damaged because of various factors. 43 more words

Eating the placenta: would you like yours raw, medium or well done?

BBC health recently entertained me with the headline ‘Eating your placenta does not bring health benefits’. I was glad to hear that. Although I never considered eating my placentas, I felt a little cheated after my own births because I never even saw them. 573 more words