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Your Birth Story is Beautiful

Dear Mama Friends,

There are no less than births. It doesn’t matter if your baby was pushed out, pulled out or cut out. There was a beautiful baby inside of you, and now that beautiful baby is in your arms. 908 more words

Birth Plan

The Birth Story

My pregnancy lasted forever. Perhaps it is because we knew so early that I was pregnant, but it never seemed to end. Getting to the gender reveal was such a big milestone. 656 more words


What To Do with Unmet Expectations...

Unmet expectations are hard to swallow, don’t you think?

Maybe it’s just a “woman thing”… maybe even a “mom thing”? Well… I’m guessing it is at least a female thing, if not a human thing.   506 more words


Reblogged : The truths about C-section Mamas

I came across a link to this article on facebook and, as a twice c section mama, it really struck a chord. I wanted to save this so I can reread when needed.

1,016 more words

Fast & Furious: Catch #2

No, it’s not about cars.

It’s about a labor, and the magnificent mama overrun with the power of her uterus, on the edge of her ability to cope. 207 more words

Midwifery School

Birthing Bodhi

“This is going to go really fast,” my doctor is saying, pulling up a stool and wheeling it closer to my bed.

This is the same thing she said to me across the street, after I U-turned at Ridge Hill on the way to work and marched into her office at 8 in the morning instead. 370 more words

Layla, a Birth Story---Happy 4th BIRTH day

My STAT utrasound results were used to nearly force me to have an induction, right then and there. Kelly was at daycare with no one to pick her up, and Aaron in a locked a secure building, unable to reach. 759 more words